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Build Knowledge and Gain Confidence in Your Data-Driven Decisions

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Leveraging big data and analytics helps your organization learn from the past, model the present, and prepare for the future. Promising new and emerging technologies like AI/ML NLP, reinforcement learning, media recognition and predictive analytics can vastly improve the speed, availability and accuracy of these data-driven insights.

Enhanced by long-standing partnerships with leading data and analytics providers and niche players, Xoriant will apply our extensive data management, advanced analytics, data science and emerging technology experience to help you become a modern, data-driven enterprise.

Technology and Engineering Expertise

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Streamlined Analytics & Productivity

Data and Analytics Investment

In 2022, leadership executives, such as CFOs, will understand that data catalogs are a non-negotiable - and a ‘must have.' It is then that even more enterprises will reap the benefits of streamlined analytics and productivity to generate more sales or meet superior margins compared to market rivals.

Enterprises will reap the benefits of streamlined analytics & productivity.

Augmented Analytics ROI?

Augmented Analytics

Over the next 5 years, data and analytics leaders must ensure that an integrated governance program covers self-service, IoT and decentralized analytics programs. By 2022, augmented analytics technology will be ubiquitous, but only 10% of analysts will use its full potential.

Source: Gartner

By 2022, augmented analytics technology will be ubiquitous.

AI is the New Core Technology

AI - New Core Technology

Most enterprises struggle to develop AI pilots into production. It’s up to IT leaders to develop and nurture infrastructure strategies to enable the evolution of AI pilots into scalable production and value realization.

Source: Gartner

By 2022, containers will become integral to 85% of AI pipelines.

AI – The Road to Production

AI - Road to Production

Organizations still face major road-blocks to operationalizing AI development. IT leaders must move beyond the POC to ensure that more projects get to production and do so at scale in order to deliver business value.

Source: Gartner

By 2023, 85% of AI solutions will focus on concrete industry domains.

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Blog - Data Migration

When it comes to data, enterprises face two major challenges – managing data migration with the availability of incremental data and ensuring data hygiene and governance. Therefore, in this blog, let us find out how to manage these data challenges with po

Case Study - CRM Data Migration
Case Study

Enabled 90% reduction in the time taken for data migration from one CRM to another with process automation.

Case Study - Data Digitization
Case Study

Minimized resources needed for data mining with digital transformation and allowed more resources (scientists) to work on investigations.