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The $2 trillion healthcare industry is still reeling from dramatic changes in competitive, regulatory, and political landscapes. At the same time, a more patient-centered approach is driving online channel development to engage patients in their healthcare journey. This requires ongoing initiatives to integrate and protect patient medical data while ensuring rigorous FDA and HIPAA compliance.

Xoriant provides expert product engineering, FDA and HIPAA compliance testing solutions, and IT consulting services across healthcare sectors, including portal operators.

Xoriant Healthcare Initiatives

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Connect With Us to Learn More

Satish Ambavale

Satish Ambavale
Vice President

“Xoriant has worked across the industry with a gamut of healthcare players focused on patient-centered modernization. Our engagements range from platformization of health insurance exchanges to leveraging AI/ML technologies to digitize FDA- and HIPAA-compliant healthcare documents and products.”

Healthcare Insights

Only the Fittest Survive

Healthcare Insights-1

According to Gartner, 63% of healthcare providers have faced severe disruptions due to internal organizational changes, cost pressure, regulation and compliance, and funding or shifting consumer demands. Healthcare CIOs need to leverage digital technology to support innovative industry models to survive.

Disruption puts pressure on healthcare CIOs to innovate.

Digital-Health-First Mindset

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True digital business transformation in healthcare requires business model change. Healthcare CIOs have the operational and technical knowledge to help identify dependencies and implement relevant changes to the transformation strategy.

CIOs and IT leaders should adopt a “digital-health-first” mindset.

AI Governance in Healthcare

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By 2021, Gartner predicts that 75% of healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) will have invested in an AI capability to improve either operational performance or clinical outcomes. The more activity there is around using AI in healthcare, the greater the need for HDOs to establish AI governance.

Continued investment in AI and increased focus on AI governance.

Digital Dexterity Capability Gap

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Only 52% of healthcare organizations have a digital dexterity program as part of their digital business strategy.

Source: Gartner

Digital dexterity requires an integrated digital business and HR strategy.


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