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Technology Solutions for Healthcare’s Most Complex Challenges


The $2 trillion healthcare industry is still reeling from the pandemic but at the same time, the competitive, regulatory, and political landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace. The challenges are multifold around achieving sustained integration between the payer and provider ecosystem, providing a seamless and personalized member/patient experience as well as achieving the highest levels of data interoperability and leveraging the power of AI to deliver better patient outcomes. On top of these challenges, increased cost pressures have meant that providers are looking at exploring revenue streams beyond the traditional ones.

We at Xoriant believe that technology will continue to play a pivotal role in solving these problems and our offerings address the pressure points in this ecosystem.

Xoriant Healthcare Use Cases

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Only the Fittest Survive

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According to Gartner, 63% of healthcare providers have faced severe disruptions due to internal organizational changes, cost pressure, regulation and compliance, and funding or shifting consumer demands. Healthcare CIOs need to leverage digital technology to support innovative industry models to survive.

Disruption puts pressure on healthcare CIOs to innovate.

Digital-Health-First Mindset

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True digital business transformation in healthcare requires business model change. Healthcare CIOs have the operational and technical knowledge to help identify dependencies and implement relevant changes to the transformation strategy.

CIOs and IT leaders should adopt a “digital-health-first” mindset.

AI in Global Healthcare

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The increasing volume of healthcare data and growing complexities of datasets is driving the need for AI and improved healthcare services.

The Global AI in Healthcare is expected to reach USD 27.2 Bn by 2025

Digital Dexterity Capability Gap

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Only 52% of healthcare organizations have a digital dexterity program as part of their digital business strategy.

Source: Gartner

Digital dexterity requires an integrated digital business and HR strategy.

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Case Study

Acquired significant growth in customer base with portable setup enabling exam conduction at patient locations.

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Case Study

20% reduction in turnaround time by providing various administrators with simplified data access.

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Case Study

Increased customer base with an optimized, simpler, and superior application user experience.