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Client Background

The client is a top project management company that delivers world-class technical and management support to governments and companies globally. The company operates in three segments, including engineering and construction management, environmental services, and professional services.

For its critical engineering contract renewal process, the client used Salesforce and Costpoint Oracle to maintain its extensive data as well as handle new opportunities, projects and job statuses, financial data, and other business functions. The client also relied on spreadsheet to maintain its on-premise data resulting in tedious and error-prone manual work of reporting.

Xoriant Solutions | Key Contributions

The client sought to automate its data capture, processing and report-building capabilities in order to save time, maximize vital resources, and offer more impactful reports for building business cases. Considering the big picture and the client’s end goal, Xoriant proposed a solution that addressed the client’s data team’s concerns and delivered a solution with richer insight-generating capabilities. 

The Xoriant team started with the end-to-end implementation of a data pipeline to ingress data from Salesforce and Costpoint with integration runtime. The solution used Azure Synapse to bring business data together to ingest, explore, prepare, transform, manage, and serve data for BI needs and enable transformations for grouping and aggregation of data as and when required.

The final data was to be stored in a Synapse-dedicated SQL pool that would be additionally tapped into to bolster the reporting abilities. Xoriant also developed data models to analyze and translate business needs into long-term solutions. The Power BI reports were designed to support color coding, schedule flow and resource availability to ensure a holistic picture of the crucial stages of project lifecycles.

Business Benefits

In just 6 weeks, the client went from sourcing their data from multiple applications and maintaining a basic spreadsheet reporting solution to having a unified data source that delivers powerful insights and empowered reporting capabilities. 

The solutions enabled data teams to gather the right insights and present them in a way that is most productive and meaningful. Such insights further propelled informed decision-making.

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