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Building Speed, Quality and Security Into the Manufacturing Value Chain

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Global manufacturing continues to drive digital transformation, with big data, AI, and IoT creating a dynamic environment that must interoperate with legacy infrastructures ­ and hundreds of suppliers. More than ever, the efficient, round-the-clock operation of expensive assets depends on high-function applications and a robust systems infrastructure.

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Key Focus Areas

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Aligning Manufacturing Domains

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Aligning the domains of operational technology (OT), engineering technology (ET) and information technology (IT) is essential to generating growth from innovation and initiatives. However, it requires higher levels of data and software governance, nimbleness and interoperability.

Alignment is the formula for sustainable growth from innovation.

Disruption in Manufacturing

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36% of heavy manufacturing CIOs said that operating cost competitiveness had fallen behind as a result of recent disruptions.

Source: Gartner

Manufacturing operations must adapt to constant business disruption.

Manufacturing CIOs and Tech

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Advanced manufacturing companies are implementing new technologies like AI, IoT, big data and analytics to drive growth and profitability. To ensure success, CIOs must develop future-ready strategies to manage change and capitalize on new opportunities.

CIOs must develop digital strategies to maximize technology ROI.

Driving Innovation in Manufacturing

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More than 33% of CIOs say growth is a top priority for them. But to create the perfect strategy for growth, CIOs need to focus on driving innovation that can address a future of constant disruptions.

CIOs need to design innovation strategies for Digital Age competition.

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Datasheet - Xoriant Azure IoT Solution

Xoriant’s X·CELERATE IoT helps you rapidly deploy an end-to-end IoT solution that can drive business efficiency, create new insights, improve operations, lower downtime, and increase productivity.

Video-Xoriant IoT Solution

Watch how X·CELERATE IoT solution brings together connected machine data in an intuitive, actionable dashboard, including the game-changing ability to physically visualize and act on 3D views of actual processing plants.

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