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20+ Years of Partnership

Achieve more with Xoriant’s accelerators for Azure solutions in IaC, eKYC, security,automation and IoT.

Xoriant is a certified member of both the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) and the AI Cloud Partner Program (MAICPP), working as a Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) for more than two decades. Our accelerators for IoT implementation, Azure-based insights,cloud security, eKYC on Azure, and cloud automation enable companies to realize maximum returns from their Microsoft investments. You can benefit from our extensive expertise as one of the Top 100 Managed Solutions Partners, specializing in DataAI, DigitalApplication Innovation, Infrastructure, Cloud Security, and Analytics.
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Tailored Support

Industries and Verticals We Serve

X-CELERATE business outcomes from Microsoft Azure, data lakes, and critical infrastructure systems through Xoriant’s industry capabilities and tailored support. Save costs and in-house skill-building needs.


Leverage Infrastructure as Code and cloud automation frameworks to optimize how you use Azure to build cutting-edge technologies.

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Utilize Xoriant-Microsoft solutions for eKYC, AI-driven document management, and financial data compliance.

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Maintain data compliance with healthcare regulations, digitize paper processes, and gain new insights into productivity.

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Integrate IoT sensors and remote solutions with your manufacturing workflows while constantly reducing manual effort through automation.

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Delivering Joint Value to Customers

Combine Core Technology Expertise with Robust Solutioning Support

Comprehensive Microsoft Solutions Built on a Bedrock of Cutting-Edge Research & Development in AI, ML, IoT, and Cloud Automation.

Security Specialization
Digital & App Innovation Azure
Analytics Specialization
Infrastructure Azure

Our Focus Area

Capitalize on the Power of Cloud

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Our Solutions

Explore our Published Offerings from the Microsoft Partner Center

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Analytics Solution Consulting Pilot Offer

Extract key metrics from ERP, CRM, IoT, and collaboration platforms. AI and ML analytics, and visualize using PowerBI to uncover actionable insights in just a few weeks.

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Xoriant Automation

Security as Code - PoC & Consulting Offer

Automate how you configure Azure security policies. Drive faster Azure cloud adoption while maintaining governance, compliance, and protection against vulnerabilities.

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Xoriant Security Solutions

Advanced Assessment & Managed Services Consulting Offer

Perform a rigorous security assessment and receive actionable recommendations on security best practices. Strengthen your Azure architecture to minimize your risk exposure.

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Xoriant Automation

Infrastructure as Code - PoC & Consulting Offer

Reduce total cost of ownership, accelerate adoption, and realize more ROI from Azure by automating cloud infrastructure provisioning via code. Eliminate the risk of human errors.

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Integrate electronic documents while maintaining exceptional speed and efficiency of digital KYC processes. Strengthen KYC security while staying compliant and achieving automation.

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Xoriant SmartCapture

OCR - ML Document Digitization PoC & Consulting Offer

Use artificial intelligence to transform your paper-based processes into digital workflows while benefiting from Azure Cognitive Services using ChatGPT’s generative AI features.

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Account Opening PoC & Consulting Offer

Streamline account opening through Azure Cloud, AI, and ML, along with customizable templates and workflows to achieve touchless customer experiences.

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Xoriant Automation

Monitoring as Code - PoC & Consulting Offer

Ensure the health, performance, and reliability of your cloud-based apps and infrastructure through continuous monitoring and full stack observability in hybrid environments.

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PoC & Consulting Offer

Accelerate your digital transformation by seamlessly implementing eKYC, including system integrations and text extraction tools, benefit from tailored solutions for your needs.

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Rapidly deploy an end-to-end IoT solution spanning Azure IoT Hub, IoT Edge, Cognitive Services, CosmosDB, PowerBI, and Azure ML with customization for your industry use cases.

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Client Testimonials

Stories of Success


Our Success Stories

3 Reasons Why We are a Preferred Microsoft Partner and the Solutioning Vendor of Choice for Cloud-First Enterprises
Microsoft 1

We work with Microsoft to offer state-of-the-art solutions with a cost-conscious and quality-first mindset, hinged on seamless delivery and robust expertise.

Microsoft 2

We turn data and insights into business-aligned decisions that give your organization a competitive edge.

Microsoft 3

We use automation, artificial intelligence, and decades of industry knowledge to protect your business from imminent threats.

Talk To Our Experts

Reshaping The Future Of Business with Microsoft

Xoriant a Microsoft Solutions, Managed, and Cosell Partner, is accelerating the deployment, development, and optimization of Microsoft technologies to deliver innovative business and technology solutions. Creating better customer experience through Microsoft powered Xoriant Solutions.

Kimber Chevalier
Kimber Chevalier

Director of Alliances

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN), and how does it relate to Microsoft Partnership?

The Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) is a program that enables businesses to partner with Microsoft. Xoriant, as a Microsoft Solutions Partner, leverages this network to deliver innovative solutions powered by Microsoft technologies.

How can I access Xoriant's Microsoft Solutions and Consulting Offers?

Xoriant's Customizable Solutions, Pilot and Consulting Offers are available on the Azure Marketplace, making it easy to explore and utilize their Microsoft-powered solutions.

What industries does Xoriant specialize in when it comes to accelerating Microsoft Return on Investment (ROI)?

Xoriant specializes in partnering with a wide range of industries, including Hi-Tech, BFSI, Healthcare, and Manufacturing, to accelerate their Microsoft ROI using tailored solutions.

Can Xoriant assist in IoT solution deployment for operational efficiency?

Absolutely! Xoriant offers an end-to-end IoT solution under X·CELERATE IoT Solution to drive operational efficiency, insights, and increased productivity for businesses.

How does Xoriant support security and compliance with Microsoft Azure solutions?

Xoriant provides Automation and Security as Code (SaC) offerings to automate security policy configuration and offers Advanced Security Assessment & Managed Services to ensure a secure and compliant infrastructure on Azure.

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