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As legacy products near the end of life and companies pivot towards launching new products

3 key business objectives become imperative

  • Continue providing highest quality of service to customers,
  • Reduce engineering and management team’s bandwidth allocated to EoL products, and
  • Optimize cost to be able to divert cash to new product development efforts

We solve these objectives via our end-to-end sustenance & support service offerings covering

Sustenance engineering (for hotfixes / new feature additions), product lifecycle extension, next-gen platform migration roadmap, L1-L4 customer support (incl. premium support), and product EoL management

Key outcomes we have delivered thus far
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40-50% Saving

over 3 years

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Improved Serviceability

by 20-25%

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Improved Defect Resolution Cycle

by 30-40%

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Reduced Technical Debt

by ~30%

How We Do It

We use a GenAI first, modern delivery approach to sustenance & support services:

Selfservice & incident remediation
  • Digital self serve – via mining known error databases
  • Proactive error detection – via log monitoring & analytics
  • AI driven code reviews – for optimization
Improved performance & serviceability
  • NLP enabled observability assistant – for app performance improvement
  • Advance RunOps Automation – for automated issue resolution
  • Tickets, app parameter analysis – for user new feature requirements
Hyper automation in code build, test, & release
  • Hyper automated patch creation
  • Auto test code generation & execution – across unit, functional, regression, integration testing
  • Code to doc – automated document generation
Why Xoriant

Our Key Differentiators

Scale disruptors within product engineering Scale disruptors within product engineering Large enough to deliver with a 5K+ engineering talent base, but small enough to care
GenAI first modern delivery model GenAI first modern delivery model For continuous efficiencies in software performance & user experience
Assured value delivery via committed KPIs Assured value delivery via committed KPIs Back-to-back arrangements on your customer SLAs; additional KPI commitment on cost & service efficiencies
Industrialized playbook for transition management Industrialized playbook for transition management Templatized approach to managing transitions in record timelines
Innovative commercial models Innovative commercial models Unique commercial models including – Outcome based EoL support; Risk-reward sharing models; Co-investment to help your customers migrate to new products; Upfront asset transition (labs, people,infra) with front loaded savings
Client Stories

We have a track record of delivering results for leading companies across enterprise & vertical software segments

Global Procurement software provider

Global Procurement software provider

Sustenance support for 3 near end-of-life cloud based products

  • Reduced lead time for feature delivery
  • CSAT improvement from 4.0 to 4.5
  • Average defect resolution time reduced by ~40%

Leading integration, analytics and event processing software

EOL support 24*7*365 basis & Lifecycle extension

  • Total saving ~50% across deal lifecycle
  • Improved performance by 53% by reducing contract processing time
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction by drastically reduced error rate
  • 100% adherence to SLAs

Global storage caching provider

E2E software sustenance engineering and software service delivery

  • Reduced product support costs by 10%
  • Met regulatory compliance and data retention needs
  • Maintained delivery services for 99.9% availability
Industry Recognitions

Leader in software engineering
Leader in product engineering

IDC has recognized Xoriant as a major player in software engineering in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Software Engineering Services 2023 Vendor Assessment Report.

For ISVs, Xoriant has experience with building software from the ground up and modernizing software products and solutions. Some of its services for this category include architecture transformation, product modernization, cloud migration and optimization, native application development, cloud security, cloud operations, site reliability engineering, and automation frameworks.

Xoriant has set up an Innovation Lab to research technologies such as AI/ML, RPA, and blockchain and their implications for business to produce working proof of concepts, which are subsequently implemented for customers. The company has recently launched ORIAN, an AI platform with industry validations, to drive transformative business outcomes by leveraging the power of AI/GenAI.

Zinnov has recognized Xoriant as an expansive and established player in Overall Digital Engineering and ER&D Services, Data and AI Engineering Services in Zinnov Zones 2023 Report

Sustenance and Support Services - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Xoriant's approach to sustenance engineering?

Xoriant employs a Gen AI-first modern delivery approach, focusing on sustenance engineering, including hotfixes and new feature additions, to extend product lifecycle and support next-gen platform migration.

How does Xoriant achieve cost optimization in sustenance and support services?

Through their end-to-end service offerings, Xoriant optimizes costs by reducing the engineering and management team's bandwidth on End-of-Life (EOL) products, allowing for reallocation of resources to new product development.

What outcomes has Xoriant delivered with its sustenance and support services?

Xoriant has achieved 40-50% savings over three years, improved serviceability by 20-25%, enhanced defect resolution cycles by 30-40%, and reduced technical debt by approximately 30%.

What makes Xoriant's sustenance and support services unique?

Leveraging a large engineering talent base and a Gen AI-first delivery model, Xoriant offers unique commercial models, assures value delivery via committed KPIs, and provides industrialized playbook for efficient transition management.

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