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Security gaps are a high business risk for organizations in different phases of cloud adoption. Only resilient systems that can stand the test of time can shield public cloud environments from dynamic and pervasive cyber threats.

Embedding security measures in the software development lifecycle, right from planning to development and deployment stages, while maintaining a stronghold on compliance is the “shift left and shield right” approach that security practitioners are embracing. But achieving an ironclad security posture in the cloud requires more than just the right approach.

In this IDC Spotlight, sponsored by Xoriant, Philip Bues, Research Manager, and Jay Bretzmann, Research Vice President, IDC, reveal their expert insights on:

  • A security paradigm shift from reactive to proactive measures
  • IDC research-backed best practices for securing public cloud environments 
  • The criteria for vetting security vendors to handle modern workloads

And most importantly, Six foundational cloud security solutions for shifting left.

Explore how the “shift left and shield right” approach can significantly help organizations like yours avoid security and compliance incidents.

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