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Error-Proofing Quality

Maintain an unwavering commitment to quality with AI and ML-driven quality engineering services.

Poor quality software costs the global economy trillions of dollars annually. From sub-par app performance to security risks and difficulty in scaling, quality failures can lead to many negative business outcomes.

Our quality engineering services go beyond testing and bug detection. We define and enforce precise quality benchmarks for your business-critical applications. Through a shift-left strategy, we help build a quality culture in your digitally empowered organization and stay on a path of continuous improvement.
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Our Key Differentiators
Why Partner with Xoriant for Quality Engineering and Assurance Transformation
Quality Engineering - 1

Xoriant’s test automation Center of Excellence is constantly pushing the envelope in QA research. It is an 800 member community involved in continuous upskilling and improvements.

Quality Engineering - 2

Our DevOps process flow for quality assurance allows for agile, adaptive testing that fits into your product roadmap. Our frameworks and accelerators support CI/CD.

Quality Engineering - 3

In addition to the four accelerators, our framework iTestRunner enables parallel execution of tests using AWS Lambda along with the option of third-party integrations for frictionless testing.

Our Capabilities

Comprehensive Quality Engineering and Assurance for Your Applications

Manual Testing Automation is great for cyclical tasks, but humans understand human users. Our testers conduct in-depth exploratory testing to guarantee users’ performance expectations are met.
Automated Testing Test automation cuts down app delivery timelines significantly and reduces technical debt in your enterprise. Our automated testing solutions combine efficiency with results.
Feature Testing Business-critical app features need special attention. Xoriant’s iAutomate framework helps optimize key app features like APIs, browser compatibility, and database connections.
Mobile Testing The lion’s share of modern apps are accessed via web interfaces. Xoriant’s mobile testing experts ensure high-quality mobile app experiences and consistent functionalities.
Usability Testing Application success hinges on real-world user engagement and outcomes. We find and resolve usability issues through rigorous behavioral tests and UAT before go-live.
Interprobality Testing Interoperable apps are a valuable asset for users today. Our interoperability testing services ensure seamless data flow and zero compatibility issues within the app environment.
Cloud Testing The cloud is the new normal for high-performing apps. Xoriant drives the scalability and reliability of cloud-based apps through specialized testing frameworks and accelerators.
Performance Testing Application load will constantly increase in today’s digital world. Our QA solutions ensure app stability and responsiveness even under new and challenging usage conditions.
Accessibility Testing Accessible apps increase your business’s reach and strengthen your DEI commitment. We test apps for accessibility to users with disabilities and cognitive conditions.
How We Deliver

Xoriant’s 5-step Methodology for a Resilient Quality Engineering Practice

Capability Assessment

We take stock of your existing testing capabilities and approach, including QA talent, processes, tools, and other resources. This forms the bedrock of our transformation plan.

Planning & Prioritization

We plan the QA transformation based on your unique needs and improvement areas. This involves concrete milestone setting and prioritization based on the impact of each change.


We implement quality engineering processes following the SCRUM model. We also ensure the hands-on upskilling of testers, supported by Xoriant’s QA frameworks.

Monitoring & Reporting

As the testing practice transforms from bug detection to holistic quality engineering, we report on KPIs like defect metrics, test quality, and more to observe their progress.

Continuous Improvement

We maintain our quality commitment in the long term through continuous assessments. As you elevate your QA maturity levels, we optimize and improve your testing processes.

Our Collaborators

Technology Partners in Our Product & Platform Enigneering

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Incredible Numbers

Our Clients have Achieved Tangible and Continuous Improvements in their QA Metrics

Quality Engineering - Questions frequently asked

What are the key components of Quality Engineering Services?

Quality Engineering Services cover manual and automated testing, feature testing, mobile, usability, interoperability, cloud, performance, and accessibility testing, all driven by AI and ML for top-tier quality.

How does Quality Engineering and Assurance contribute to business success?

Quality Engineering and Assurance ensure steadfast software quality by establishing exact benchmarks for critical applications, averting problems like performance issues, security risks, and scalability hurdles.

When should a company consider engaging Quality Engineering Consultants like Xoriant?

Quality Engineering Consultants, such as Xoriant, offer expertise in assessing, planning, implementing, and improving quality engineering practices, aiding in the development of robust quality standards.

How does Quality Assurance and Engineering differ from traditional software testing?

Quality Assurance and Engineering exceed standard testing, covering application stability, performance, usability, accessibility, and interoperability. This approach meets modern demands, including cloud-based apps and accessibility.

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