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The recent economic downturn has brought significant challenges for ISVs (Independent Software Vendors). To keep pace, ISVs are racing to migrate and/or cloud-enable the last of their on-prem operations. The reason for cloud migration is an external pull to stay relevant in the market.

While ISVs are looking to optimize, cloud technologies can empower them to expand market reach in terms of revenue and geography.

The Triple Play Solutions - DevOps (including DevSecOps), automated (and intelligent) monitoring and observability, and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) can empower ISVs gain a competitive advantage.

The strategy-driven Triple Play Solutions for ISV optimizes every aspect of the SDLC process by implementing -

  • Dev(Sec)Ops to achieve faster time to market
  • Monitoring and observability to proactively reduce the number and impact of errors and incidents. 
  • Site Reliability Engineering to ensure consistent service delivery for increased scalability and optimization.


How Xoriant Expertise Can Help

Xoriant uses best practices that help optimize through a combination of Dev(Sec)Ops, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), and automated monitoring and observability. The synergy of the Triple Play approach enables ISVs and enterprises to shorten release cycles, enhance process and product security, and overcome complexity by leveraging automation and potentially artificial intelligence (AI). This empowers ISVs to streamline operations, fortify security measures, and leverage advanced technologies for improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Download The Triple Play for ISV Product Optimization
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