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Intelligent App Modernization

Bring software up-to-speed with user expectations and cutting-edge infrastructure.

Legacy software and monolithic apps take up a lot of enterprise infrastructure and ops expenses. These are often critical to your business processes but out of sync with the cloud era.

Our application modernization suite is designed to transform the entire ecosystem across UI/UX, app components, cloud enablement, security, analytics, and workflows. Companies can choose to modernize all at once or incrementally through an intelligent phasal roadmap.
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Our Key Differentiators
Why Choose Xoriant for Legacy Application Modernization Services
Application Modernization - 1

We bring 30+ years of experience in application modernization and retooling legacy infrastructure. This allows us to preempt and stay ahead of future needs.

Application Modernization - 2

Our 360° value mapping approach covers real business outcomes at every step of the app modernization journey, from cost reductions to a sustained competitive advantage.

Application Modernization - 3

Our cloud-native offerings are purpose-built to amplify the capabilities of app infrastructures. We help preserve your investments while modernizing your app portfolio fully.

Our Capabilities

Explore Application Modernization Services to Futureproof Your Business

Re-Engineering and Componentization Refactor legacy apps and breakdown monoliths into lightweight, agile parts. We re-engineer and componentize the app ecosystem to unlock greater efficiency and portability.
UI/UX Modernization Design sticky user experiences that accrue maximum value from each app visitor. Our UI/UX modernization team helps achieve this through AI chatbots, voice search, and more.
Cloud Infrastructure Public, hybrid, and multi-cloud alternatives hold immense possibilities. We prepare your apps for cloud-native operations through seamless rearchitecting and cost control.
Quality Assurance & Testing As modernization accelerates, the speed and granularity of quality assurance must keep up. Our testers ensure apps meet exacting security, performance, and usability standards.
System Integration Well-engineered connections and data flows enable disparate systems to unlock exponential value. Xoriant reduces complexity and drives cohesion through system integration.
Workflow Modernization Data silos, bottlenecks, and disconnected processes can get in the way of maximum productivity. Xoriant supplements app modernization outcomes with streamlined workflow redesign.
Security Enhancement Zero-day threats can prey on the vulnerabilities of new apps. Our dedicated security team conducts advanced security tests and automates your defenses for 24/7 protection.
Performance Optimization App performance must be consistent across growing concurrent users, data loads, and network complexities. Xoriant preempts and prevents issues to boost performance.
Analytics Enablement The digital enterprise is a treasure trove of data to make the best business decisions. We drive rigorous analytics enablement programs to set the stage for in-depth visibility.
How We Deliver

Xoriant’s 3-Step Modernization Blueprint Based on 30 Years of Solutioning

Application Assessment

We conduct a meticulous assessment of the as-is application landscape to determine its complexity and structure and isolate the core, embedded business rules.

Business and Technical Understanding

We evaluate and document the business context of app utilization. We align these specifications with a detailed technical understanding of the app’s architecture.

Target Definition

We define the precise structure of the to-be-achieved application portfolio. Through comprehensive SLAs, we deliver on-target and within your time and budget constraints.

Our Collaborators

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Incredible Numbers

We Deliver Lasting, Measurable Outcomes for Clients Across Industries

Application Modernization - Questions frequently asked

What do Application Modernization Services encompass?

Application Modernization Services involve updating legacy apps, enhancing UI/UX, integrating cloud infrastructure, ensuring quality, and optimizing performance.

What's the significance of Legacy Application Modernization Services for businesses?

Legacy Application Modernization Services help organizations bring outdated software in line with modern user expectations, infrastructure, and security standards.

How do Application Modernization Solutions contribute to future-proofing businesses?

Application Modernization Solutions future-proof businesses by enabling them to update and optimize their software, improve performance, and stay aligned with evolving technology.

What role does Legacy Modernization Services play in reducing IT costs?

Legacy Modernization Services help reduce IT costs by transforming legacy systems into more efficient, agile, and cost-effective components.

How do IT Modernization Services benefit businesses in the digital era?

IT Modernization Services aid businesses by aligning their IT infrastructure and applications with contemporary technology trends, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring competitiveness.

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