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Your Digital Armor

Data and Apps Under Siege: Our Security Arsenal

You're caught in a constant loop of defending, patching, and responding when what you truly need is a proactive, impenetrable shield. Your data and applications are the lifeblood of your company, but they face a relentless battle on multiple fronts.

Aging code, scalability issues, and the haunting thought of downtime - today's threats are relentless. Your data and applications are constantly at risk from evolving cyberattacks and vulnerabilities.

Transform your fear into confidence with Xoriant. We use advanced data encryption methods, secure application development practices, and robust cloud app security solutions. Each application we touch undergoes transformation, from rehosting to refactoring, ensuring that your data and applications perform at their peak, and stands strong against even the most sophisticated threats.
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Our Key Differentiators
Xoriant's Competitive Edge in Application Security Solutions
Rapid Incident Response

When threats strike, we mobilize with speed. Our incident response teams are equipped to quickly contain and mitigate breaches, ensuring minimal downtime.

Customized Security Strategies

Tailored defenses are your best offense. Our experts craft precision security strategies, aligning every safeguard with your unique technical environment.

AI-Driven Monitoring

Our AI-driven monitoring constantly scans your technical ecosystem. It detects and responds to technical anomalies, protecting your digital assets 24/7.

Our Capabilities

Xoriant's Technical Expertise in Data and App Security

Security Hackathons for Safeguarding Want to challenge your app's defenses? Our security hackathons do just that. It's like stress-testing your app's strength while uncovering security vulnerabilities.
Red Team Security Challenge Imagine a team of security allies who challenge your defenses. We collaborate as your "Red Team," simulating real-world threats to boost your security.
Data Protection & Leakage Prevention Think of your data as a treasure chest. We lock it tight with encryption, access controls, and anti-leak measures. No data pirates will get their hands on your treasures.
DevSecOps: Integrating Robust Security Security doesn't have to be a roadblock. We automate security tests, scan for vulnerabilities, and respond swiftly to threats—making your apps resilient.
Advanced Threat Modeling & Strategies We analyze your unique environment, pinpoint potential risks, and craft custom strategies to keep your data and apps safe. It's like having a personal security advisor.
Expert VAPT for Robust Security Ever had a friendly hacker test your app? That's us. We simulate real-world attacks to find weak spots to strengthen your security, but don't worry, we're on your side.
SAST/DAST Analysis and Compliances Think of us as your security detectives. We dive into your code, uncovering hidden threats or compliance gaps. You'll receive actionable insights to tighten security like a pro.
SDLC Security Framework Enforcement Imagine your app's security as a robust fortress, built strong from day one. Our framework checks every nook and cranny for vulnerabilities, leaving no room for surprises.
How We Deliver

How Xoriant Safeguards Your Data and Applications

Data and Application Security
Proactive Monitoring and Support

Palo Alto Network and Cisco Systems offer proactive monitoring and support that's like having a friend watch over your security, ready to act at a moment's notice.

Compliance and Standards Adherence

Navigating the complex world of compliance can be daunting. Symantec Corporation and IBM Security not only help you adhere to regulations but also make it feel like a breeze.

Advanced Technology

When it comes to security, staying ahead is everything. Palo Alto Networks and IBM Security is a full toolkit at your disposal, ready to tackle any security challenge.

Comprehensive Solution Suite

Imagine having the best of both worlds. With Symantec Corporation and Cisco Systems, Inc., you get a comprehensive solution suite that covers every security aspect.

Our Collaborators

Technology Partners in Our Product & Platform Enigneering

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Data and Application Security - Questions Frequently Asked

What does DevSecOps: Integrating Robust Security mean at Xoriant?

Xoriant integrates security practices into the DevOps process, ensuring continuous security improvement throughout the application development lifecycle.

How does Xoriant employ Advanced Threat Modeling and strategies?

Xoriant uses Advanced Threat Modeling to identify potential security threats and develop strategies to mitigate risks, enhancing system security.

What is Xoriant's approach to Expert VAPT for Robust Security?

Xoriant conducts expert Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) to identify and address security vulnerabilities in applications and networks.

How do SAST/DAST Analysis and Compliance Services benefit Xoriant?

Xoriant utilizes SAST/DAST analysis to identify security flaws in code and runtime, ensuring applications comply with industry standards and regulations.

What is SDLC Security Framework Enforcement at Xoriant?

Xoriant enforces security within the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), integrating security measures from design to deployment to minimize vulnerabilities.

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