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Be Cyber Secure

Say Goodbye to Legacy Threats: The Zero Trust Paradigm

Your organization's cybersecurity is at a crossroads, squeezed between the relentless onslaught of cyber threats and the growing complexity of modern technology. It's as if you're guarding the gates of a digital fortress, but the walls are crumbling, and the enemy never sleeps. You're trapped in a cycle of reacting to breaches when what you truly need is proactive defense.

But here's the truth: those legacy security approaches are showing their age, and they won't keep pace with the digital future.

Our approach goes beyond buzzwords; we dive into the technical depths, employing state-of-the-art practices like Zero Trust Architecture Cyber Security. We engineer security that adapts to your evolving needs, leaving no room for compromise. It's not just about securing your digital assets; it's about enabling your organization to thrive in a connected world with unwavering confidence.
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Our Key Differentiators
Xoriant’s Zero Trust Excellence
Zero Trust Integration Expertise

Your Zero Trust policies will be aligned perfectly with your business requirements, resulting in a bespoke security solution.

AI-Augmented Monitoring Intelligence

Harmonizing human expertise with AI capabilities, our security monitoring is an intelligent guardian for your digital assets.

Holistic Security Architecture

Craft a security architecture that considers every aspect, providing a holistic defense against the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Our Capabilities

Empowering Your Defense: Our Key Zero Trust Capabilities

Proactive Security Operations Utilize Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) for real-time threat detection. Implement threat intelligence feeds for proactive analysis to anticipate threats.
Perimeter Defense and Management Next-gen firewalls with threat intelligence. Extend perimeter defense beyond traditional boundaries, proactively managing and securing your network perimeters.
Information Security Governance Implement identity and access management. Meticulous governance ensures a robust framework, managing access, and mitigating risks in alignment with industry standards.
Endpoint Defense Strategies Utilize advanced endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools. Strengthen your endpoints against malware, unauthorized access, and device-related threats.
Advanced Network Safeguards Deploy intrusion detection and prevention systems. Implement micro-segmentation for network isolation. Protect your network, detecting and mitigating threats in real-time.
Secure Application Lifecycle Management Integrate automated security testing into development pipelines. Employ containerization for secure deployment. Our strategy begins at application design.
Data Protection and Privacy Encrypt data at rest and in transit. Leverage robust access controls and audit trails. Our approach ensures compliance with data protection regulations.
How We Deliver

Tailored Delivery for Your Security Evolution

Tailored Delivery for Your Security Evolution
Choose a zero-trust implementation on-ramp

Tailored on-ramps for Zero Trust implementation allow you to choose the approach aligning with your organizational structure. Security, personalized for your path.

Verify explicitly

No trust assumed. Implement explicit verification at every juncture, reducing risks tied to assumed trust. Enhance security with a clear authentication process.

Productivity everywhere

Integrate security into daily workflows, ensuring productivity without compromising on robust security. It's security that works with you, not against you.

Form a dedicated zero-trust team

Collaborate with our experts to form a dedicated Zero Trust team within your organization. Strengthen your security stance with a team committed to your unique requirements.

Human Centered Approach to the program design

We craft security programs around your team's needs, prioritizing user behaviors, ensuring security encourages a company culture that does not hinder productivity.

Our Collaborators

Technology Partners in Our Product & Platform Enigneering

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Zero Trust Security - Questions Frequently Asked

How does Xoriant ensure Information Security Governance in a Zero Trust framework?

Xoriant enforces strict governance policies, continuous risk assessment, and compliance to uphold security in line with the Zero Trust model.

Can Xoriant's Endpoint Defense Strategies adapt to various devices?

Yes, Xoriant’s strategies protect all devices by constantly monitoring threats and enforcing Zero Trust policies, ensuring adaptive defense across the organization.

What Advanced Network Safeguards does Xoriant offer for Zero Trust Security?

Xoriant delivers network segmentation, immediate threat detection, and automated responses to uphold a resilient and dynamic network security posture.

How does Xoriant's Secure Application Lifecycle Management contribute to Zero Trust Architecture?

Xoriant embeds Zero Trust principles from the beginning of the application lifecycle, fortifying security at every phase of development and operation.

What is Zero Trust Security, and how does Xoriant implement it?

What is Zero Trust Security, and how does Xoriant implement it?

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