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Xoriant (Company) is committed to conduct its activities in a fair and transparent manner and acknowledges the role of its employees in revealing instances of wrongdoing. The Company undertakes to investigate any Protected Disclosure on any allegation of corruption or willful misuse of power or willful misuse of discretion against any employee and has put in place necessary safeguards to protect a Complainant making such a Protected Disclosure.

Whistleblower covers malpractices and events which have taken place/ suspected to take place involving:

  • Abuse of authority.
  • Breach of contract.
  • Negligence causing substantial and specific danger to public health and safety.
  • Manipulation of company data/records.
  • Financial irregularities, including fraud, or suspected fraud.
  • Criminal offence.
  • Pilferation of confidential/propriety information.
  • Deliberate violation of law/regulation.
  • Wastage/misappropriation of company funds/assets, and
  • Breach of employee Code of Conduct or Rules.

For any such issues, please raise the concern in the below link : Whistleblower Reporting Form.