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Redefining Experiences

Transform the ordinary into extraordinary by creating unforgettable moments on your digital platforms.

We are living in an experience-centric world. First, social media changed what it meant to be connected. Then, next-generation digital apps have redefined what we can achieve using technology.

Experience transformation services make sure that you form genuine connections with your audience, whether employees, customers, or business users. It amplifies the value from apps by driving adoption, engagement, and eventually, limitless growth.
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Our Capabilities

Optimize and Perfect Every Aspect of the UX with our Experience Transformation Services

Dashboards & Data Visualization Beautiful dashboards and interactive data visualizations engage users on a deeper level. We deliver embedded data solutions to drive rich and informative experiences.
User Experience Modernization The UX is part of the core DNA of your digital operating system. We modernize user experiences by balancing feature performance with ease of use and compatibility.
Cross Platform UX Design A consistent UX is vital for a memorable brand identity. Our UX design team helps deliver the same high-quality experience across the web, mobile, and desktops.
Product Conceptualization Strong alignment at the Proof of Concept stage can accelerate design and development. Xoriant brings your ideas to life through product conceptualization services.
Emerging Interfaces Internet of Things (IoT), immersive technologies (AR/VR), and the metaverse have transformed how we experience the digital world. Adapt to these emerging interfaces with Xoriant.
Omnichannel UX Customers expect a seamless journey and data flow across every channel they visit. Xoriant helps capitalize on omnichannel opportunities through optimized UX.
Self-Service Enablement Self-service empowers the user and reduces an organization’s workload. We offer self-service enablement through knowledge portals, chatbots, and more.

Innovation Studio

Experience Transformation Toolkit from the The Xoriant Innovation Studio
  • IP & POC Ideas
  • Process Improvements
  • UX Consultancy & Trainings

IdeaFactory & UX Advisory

  • Design Ideation & Research
  • Style-Guide Governance
  • Creative Services Consultancy

Design Lab

  • Technology Research
  • POC Generation
  • Hackathon Participation

Creator’s Workshop

How We Deliver

3-Step Solutioning Process by Xoriant’s Experience Transformation CoE

3-Step Solutioning

We conduct structured brainstorming sessions followed by a multi-layered user research process to arrive at the ideal information architecture for your experience redesign.


We create sketches and wireframes as well as on-screen visuals so that you and Xoriant are on the same page. A detailed and custom style guide informs the design process.


Our design team conducts a knowledge transfer to dedicated developer resources. Post-development we conduct user interface testing to measure its effectiveness.

Our Collaborators

Technology Partners in Our Product & Platform Enigneering

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Experience Transformation - Questions frequently asked

What is Customer Experience Transformation, and how does it benefit businesses?

Customer Experience Transformation is the process of optimizing every aspect of the user experience. It enhances user engagement and loyalty, contributing to business success.

How does Digital Transformation relate to Customer Experience enhancement?

Digital Transformation and Customer Experience go hand-in-hand, as a seamless, user-friendly digital environment is a critical component of enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Why is Customer Experience crucial in the context of Digital Transformation?

Customer Experience is pivotal in Digital Transformation efforts, ensuring a user-centric approach to modernizing and improving digital interfaces and platforms.

How do Dashboards and data Visualization contribute to User Experience enhancement?

Dashboards and data visualization create engaging, informative experiences, providing users with a deeper level of interaction and insight.

Why is Cross Platform UX Design essential for brands?

Cross Platform UX Design maintains brand consistency, delivering a high-quality user experience across web, mobile, and desktop platforms.

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