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Xoriant & Databricks

Unify Your Data, Analytics, and AI with Xoriant & Databricks

Feeling overwhelmed by data? Not getting the clear insights you need to make business decisions?

You're not alone. Many businesses have a treasure trove of data that’s collecting virtual dust just waiting for the right key to unlock its full potential. Advanced analytics and AI sound great, but how do you actually use them to drive real results?

Xoriant and Databricks can help you bridge the gap between data potential and real-world business value.

Imagine transforming your data from a confusing jumble into a clear roadmap for success. With Xoriant's expert tech services and Databricks' powerful data analytics platform, that's exactly what you get.

Optimize processes, improve customer experiences, and boost your bottom line. Together, we’ll transform your data from a dormant asset to a strategic powerhouse, fueling efficiency and growth like never before.

Our Key Differentiators

Xoriant's Distinctive Edge in Databricks Partnership

One Platform, Endless Possibilities
One Platform, Endless Possibilities

With Xoriant, you get a Databricks platform tailored to your unique business needs. We build it, you choose the cloud. It's that easy

More Savings, Zero Sacrifice
More Savings, Zero Sacrifice

Our data management tools and optimized cloud strategies help you save big without cutting corners. Get more bang for your data buck.

Data You Can Count On
Data You Can Count On

Our data management tools and optimized cloud strategies help you save big without cutting corners. Get more bang for your data buck.

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Industries We Serve

Transforming Industries, One Data Point at a Time

No matter your industry, we've got the data solutions to help you thrive. Here's how we're making waves across industries:


In the fast-paced world of tech, data is your secret weapon. We help you harness it to drive innovation, optimize user experiences, and stay one step ahead.

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Money moves fast, but data moves faster. We empower financial institutions to leverage data for risk mitigation, personalized services, and a competitive edge.

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In manufacturing, efficiency is everything. We help you optimize supply chains, enhance product quality, and make data-informed decisions that boost your bottom line.

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Healthcare is all about making a difference in people's lives. We help you do just that by using data to improve patient outcomes, streamline operations, and navigate the complex healthcare landscape.

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Xoriant and Databricks Offering Areas

Your One-Stop Shop for Data Domination

Our Use cases

Real-World Success Stories: Databricks in Action

Fraud Detection & Risk Management Catch fraud in real-time with Databricks' advanced ML capabilities. One top US bank reduced fraud losses by 30% and false positives by 80%. Protect your business today.
Customer Segmentation & Personalization Understand your customers like never before with Databricks' advanced analytics. A global top 10 bank boosted retention by 15% through targeted campaigns. Get the insights you need.
Product Development & Innovation Accelerate your product development with real-time data analytics from Databricks. A leading automaker cut development time by 20%. Innovate faster and smarter.
Supply Chain Optimization Streamline your supply chain with Databricks' predictive analytics. The world's largest eCommerce retailer reduced logistics costs by 10%. Optimize your operations now.
Smart Cities & Sustainability Build a greener future with Databricks' smart city analytics. One Asian government agency reduced energy consumption by 15%. Make data-driven decisions for a better tomorrow.
Healthcare Fraud Detection Protect your patients and your bottom line with Databricks' fraud detection for healthcare. The largest US health insurer cut fraud costs by 25%. Ensure the integrity of your data.

Talk To Our Experts

Your Data Journey Starts Here

Our experts are ready to listen to your unique challenges and help you find the best solutions. Reach out now and let's work together to make your data work for you.

Kimber Chevalier
Kimber Chevalier

Director of Alliances

Frequently Asked Questions

What industries benefit from Xoriant and Databricks' solutions?

Their solutions are impactful across various industries including high-tech, BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance), healthcare, and manufacturing, driving data-informed decisions and innovations.

What unique capabilities does the Xoriant and Databricks partnership offer?

The partnership offers a unified data analytics and AI platform that transforms complex data into actionable insights, optimizing processes and enhancing customer experiences.

What are some key offerings of Xoriant and Databricks?

Key offerings include consulting and strategy, data governance and security, data modernization, and leveraging data & AI for deeper insights and process automation.

Can you share a real-world success story involving Databricks?

One notable success is a top US bank using Databricks' machine learning capabilities for fraud detection, which reduced fraud losses by 30% and decreased false positives by 80%.

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