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Financial services and fintech organizations are undergoing an evolution led by the industry and a revolution led by customer demand – both fueled by technology changes. The most successful institutions focus on targeted customer segments, omnichannel partnerships, and engineering excellence that supports the marriage of business goals and tech opportunities.

Xoriant combines engineering rigor with next-generation technology expertise to enable digital transformation and modernize applications to help the world’s leading financial services providers achieve top-line growth, bottom-line efficiency, and a competitive edge.

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Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Insights

Banks Prioritize Customer Insights

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Fintechs recognized the consumer lending niche and improved customer experience with pre-approvals and quicker funding of loans. Banks may need help. A recent study found that digital lenders doubled their market share in the past 4 years, with consumers across the credit spectrum increasingly turning to digital-first providers.

Source: PwC

Global investments in fintech has tripled, reaching $12 billion.

Blockchain Will Shake Things Up

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Many industries are coming together to commercialize technology for financial services. This innovation and investment surge continue as blockchain and Fintech move from retail to institutional use. The use of the blockchain “public ledger” will become an integral part of financial institutions’ technology and operational infrastructure.

Blockchain and fintech move from a retail focus to institutional use.

Robotics, AI and Localization

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Financial services and tech companies are targeting capabilities like intelligence, NLP, logical reasoning, self-supervised learning, physical sensors, mobility, navigation. In three to five years, we expect evolutionary gains. After that, with new models, powerful and standard modular platforms with self-learn ability, rapid gains are anticipated.

Alliances forge between financial and tech companies using AI.

Public Cloud Will Be Dominant

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As application offerings improve, and COOs and CIOs get comfortable with the arrangements, technology is rapidly becoming the way core activities are processed. Very soon, consumer payments, credit scoring, statements and billings for asset managers’ basic current account functions will become utilities.

Financial institutions use SaaS apps for CRM, HR, and accounting.

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Case Study

Increased scalability, availability and maintainability of a 3-tier application.

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Case Study

Reduced technology costs by 30% and enhanced data governance.

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Case Study

Achieved high throughput enabling the payment gateway to process 3.2 million inputs/day.