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Cloud and Data Services

Simplify your AWS journey with Xoriant, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner.

Leapfrog your organization's growth story with Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, your one-stop cloud solution for business intelligence, application modernization, IoT, and cognitive services. For 5+ years, Xoriant is a member of the AWS partner network specializing in Advanced Tier Services and the Public Sector. We are also a Qualified Software Partner, collaborating with enterprises on their AWS adoption roadmap for application development and delivery. Leverage our managed services to optimize AWS costs, innovate at scale, and establish a repeatable, compliant delivery pipeline.

Globally Leading Cloud Systems with Bespoke Consulting

Xoriant’s Steadfast Commitment to Strengthen and Grow our AWS Partnership

Advanced Tier Services
Qualified Software
Public Sector
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Proven Expertise and Co-Delivered Value


AWS Technology Experts


5+ Years

of Successful Partnership



Active Customer Engagements


Sectors We Serve

Industries and Verticals

Achieve cloud infrastructure optimization geared for your unique industry needs with our horizontal and vertical-specific offerings, saving costs with custom solutions.


Match the intensive resource requirements of hi-tech engineering innovation through scalable systems.

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Manage risk while driving profitability through robust digital processes on AWS cloud infrastructure.

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Healthcare &
Life sciences

Test and deploy medical devices, new therapies, and patient-centric apps while staying FDA and HIPAA-compliant.

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Retail & Manufacturing

Transform production lines and supply chains with cloud-powered software and IoT systems.

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Our Focus Areas

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Xoriant, an AWS Trusted Partner, offers customizable solutions on the AWS Marketplace.

X·CELERATE Invoice is an innovative enterprise software solution that employs Amazon Textract to process and reconcile invoices automatically. This solution integrates seamlessly with your existing procurement, finance, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, streamlining your workflow. In addition, X·CELERATE Invoice includes a user-friendly interface that learns fro m human supervision, making it even more intuitive and effective.


brand-elementsSaves valuable time and reduces cost with automated invoice processing

brand-elementsSimple and faster customization as per business needs

brand-elementsVarious deployment options adapted to your specific requirements

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CloudIO Accelerator

Xoriant, an AWS Trusted Partner, offers accelerators for rapid application development and modernization

The CloudIO Accelerator is a digital modernization tool designed for enterprises facing challenges with legacy systems, data fragmentation, and the need for faster application development. It simplifies the rapid deployment of new applications, modernizes legacy systems, and consolidates data for better decision-making. CloudIO offers seamless integration with existing systems, both cloud-based and on-premises, and includes robust security measures. This makes it an effective solution for enhancing operational efficiency and staying competitive in today's business environment.

brand-elementsExperience rapid, customized solutions for your unique needs, ensuring your business stays one step ahead.

brand-elementsEliminate integration issues with CloudIO and bid farewell to disruptive data migrations and operational headaches.

brand-elementsTurn data into actionable insights, bridge gaps across databases and systems, and unlock your information’s potential

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Other AWS Capabilities

AWS Migration

Unlock the power of AWS

Migrating your workloads to the cloud? Put your trust in the experts in AWS migrations.

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AWS OpenSearch

Realize Your Data’s Potential

Partner with us to realize data's full potential, drive efficiency, make informed decisions, and accelerate innovation.

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AWS Well-Architected

Revolutionize Your Cloud Blueprint

Our certified architects analyze security, reliability, performance, cost, and operations, offering insights to optimize your architecture for lasting success.

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Experience of our Clients

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Our Success Stories

4 Reasons to Select Xoriant as Your AWS Consulting Partner

We prevent cloud budget overruns through FinOps best practices and the AWS suite of cost-optimization tools.


We ensure AWS hosted apps can scale and perform under stressful conditions so you achieve business continuity.


We invest heavily in the research and development of IP solutions for IoT, AI, ML, predictive analytics, and natural language processing.


We maintain compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and FDA guidelines, along with your local regulatory requirements.

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Push Your Business Forward with AWS

Xoriant, as an AWS Advanced consulting partner, provides top-of-the-line cloud services to businesses across a range of industries including Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), financial institutions, and enterprises. We help our clients with transformations that dynamically and securely scale on AWS.

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Janay Wayne

AWS Alliance Director

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access Xoriant's AWS Consulting Services and solutions?

Xoriant's Customizable Solutions, like X·CELERATE Invoice and CloudIO Accelerator are available on AWS Marketplace, making it easy to explore and utilize their AWS-powered solutions for automated invoice processing, App development and more.

What industries does Xoriant specialize in when it comes to accelerating AWS Return on Investment (ROI)?

Xoriant specializes in partnering with various industries, including Hi-Tech, BFSI, Healthcare & Lifesciences, and Consulting, to accelerate their AWS ROI using tailored solutions.

What AWS services and capabilities does Xoriant offer in their AWS consulting portfolio?

Xoriant's team of AWS Cloud and Data experts delivers end-to-end AWS tech stack capabilities, including AWS cloud migration, cloud application development, machine learning, big data services, advanced analytics, and data science services.

How does X·CELERATE Invoice streamline business operations with AWS technology?

X·CELERATE Invoice is an innovative enterprise solution utilizing Amazon Textract to automate invoice processing, saving time, reducing costs, and providing customization options for specific business needs.

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