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Data Reimagined: Crafting the Future of Your Business.

Is your data strategy feeling like a game of Tetris that's speeding up too fast? You're stacking, sorting, and scrambling, but the pieces aren’t fitting together.

You're struggling with sluggish mainframes, incompatible data workflows, and the ever-present threat of data silos that stifle your growth and innovation. It's a non-stop battle against inefficiencies and missed opportunities.

From Mainframe to Big Data Optimization, we revitalize every aspect of your data infrastructure. We tackle data warehouse modernization head-on, implementing scalable cloud storage solutions and employing cutting-edge ETL tools.

At Xoriant, we specialize in application modernization, leveraging containerization and serverless computing to breathe new life into your old systems. We ensure seamless integration, enhanced scalability, and a boost in performance that takes your applications from just functional to absolutely phenomenal.
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Our Key Differentiators
Why Xoriant Stands Out in Data Modernization
Advanced Modernization Techniques

Embrace the future with Xoriant's use of microservices and cloud-native apps. We enhance your data with Apache Kafka and Hadoop for top-notch processing and scalability.

Seamless Integration and Scalability

Your data grows with you. We use Docker and Kubernetes for seamless scalability, ensuring smooth integration and operational harmony.

Strategic Data Workflow Modernization

Overhaul your data workflow strategically with Xoriant. We utilize data lakes and optimize ETL processes for a streamlined, efficient data journey.

Our Services

Unlock Your Data's Full Potential with Our Modernization Expertise

Begin your data modernization with a clear vision. Xoriant helps assess and prioritize, using analytics to set a strategic path for your business's unique data needs.
Risk Assessment Uncover hidden data risks using advanced analytics to pinpoint security gaps and performance bottlenecks, shaping a data strategy that accelerates your operations.
Proof Of Concept Experience modernization in action with tools like predictive analytics and cloud simulations, ensuring your modernization journey is data-driven and results-oriented.
Platform Modernization Strategy Craft a data platform strategy, using technologies like AI, ML, and cloud computing, ensuring your infrastructure is scalable and aligned with your business dynamics.
Vendor Assessment & License Optimization Make smart vendor decisions using stringent criteria on tech compatibility and ROI, optimizing licenses with a focus on scalability and cost-efficiency.

Transform your data's potential. Xoriant modernizes with AI-driven analytics and cloud-based platforms, making your data systems agile and high-performing.
Data Warehouse Modernization Refine your storage with solutions like cloud migration, real-time data processing, and automated data cleansing, with a warehouse that's smart and responsive.
Data Workflow Modernization Integrate cutting-edge ETL tools, process automation, and data governance so your data workflow becomes a model of efficiency and accuracy, ready for any scale.
BI Modernization Revitalize your business intelligence with analytics, AI-driven data visualization, and interactive dashboards, turning data into actionable, strategic intelligence.

Secure your data's future today. Xoriant future-proofs with predictive analytics and scalable architectures, ensuring resilience and adaptability for upcoming challenges.
Security Upgrades Enhance your security posture with advanced encryption, intrusion detection systems, and AI-based threat analysis to secure against evolving cyber threats.
Frameworks & Tools Upgrade Upgrade your frameworks and tools with the newest advancements in AI, ML, and cloud services, ensuring your data systems are pioneering in efficiency and capability.
License Cost Optimization Optimize costs without compromising quality by maximizing ROI, reducing redundancies, and aligning with cloud-based solutions for a cost-effective license strategy.
Centralize Administration Centralize your data administration using tools like unified dashboards and integrated management systems to enhance decision-making efficiency.
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Data Modernization - Questions frequently asked

What is Data Modernization, and how does Xoriant approach it?

Data Modernization is the process of updating and optimizing an organization's data infrastructure to meet current and future needs. Xoriant employs a comprehensive approach, integrating cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to enhance data agility, accessibility, and security.

Why is a Risk Assessment crucial for Data Modernization?

A Risk Assessment by Xoriant is vital to identify potential challenges and mitigate risks associated with data modernization initiatives. It ensures a smooth transition, minimizes disruptions, and safeguards against unforeseen obstacles, enhancing the success of the modernization process.

How does Xoriant conduct a Proof Of Concept (POC) for Data Modernization?

Xoriant executes Proof Of Concepts to demonstrate the feasibility and benefits of proposed data modernization solutions. This hands-on approach allows clients to witness the impact of the modernization strategy in a controlled environment before full-scale implementation.

What sets Xoriant apart in Vendor Assessment & License Optimization?

Xoriant excels in evaluating vendors and optimizing licenses to align with specific business needs. Our thorough assessment ensures that organizations not only choose the right vendors but also optimize licensing costs, maximizing the return on investment in modern data architecture.

How does Xoriant contribute to Centralized Administration in Data Modernization?

Xoriant streamlines data management through centralized administration, providing a unified control center for monitoring and managing modernized data infrastructure. This approach enhances efficiency, simplifies operations, and strengthens overall data governance.

Embrace Data, Fuel Insights and Add Momentum to Every Decision

Adopt a Data and AI-analytics Driven Ecosystem

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