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Monitor and Improve Your Business Processes Using Analytics

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Over the last decade, there has been a massive change in terms of technology modernization, customer demands, consumer behaviors, information intelligence such as AI, ML, NLP. Analytics is playing a key role in building business intelligence, generating insights and actions for business benefits by implementing analytical solutions that will help improve business and customer experiences. Process intelligence allows businesses to use the information contained within their systems to create a visual model of their processes, analyze them in real-time to identify outliers and bottlenecks, and predict future outcomes to facilitate decision-making of technology investments.

The collision of data and analytics will increase interaction and collaboration between historically separate data and analytics roles. The digital era calls for analytics to be infused in every role, business process, decision, and action. This impacts not only the technologies and capabilities provided but also the people and processes that support and use them. With businesses continually looking for ways to streamline their output, AI-powered platforms come as a godsend for them. Recent innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning have not only allowing organizations to scale their business with the growing needs but also supplied them with the much-needed insight to do so. From automation to advanced analytics and seamless experiences, we embed AI to drive new operating models and strategic intelligence, resulting in smart processes and data-driven decisions.

Move Beyond Processing and Toward an Understanding of Data

Modern Data and  Operational Intelligence

Modern Data and
Operational Intelligence

Businesses success in 2020 and beyond will require anticipation of market changes and adaptation of operations to forge alternate pathways to deliver products and services. Traditional analytics and reporting tools are unable to deal with the complexity of interlinked processes and a constantly changing business environment.

Data Warehousing and ETL

Data Warehousing
and ETL

Through ETL – extraction, transformation, and loading – we aggregate structured data from diverse sources so it can be compared and analyzed, and delivered to users for greater business intelligence. Specific offerings include migration, implementation of ETL and data warehouses, and data warehouse solutions on RDBMS and big data systems.

Enterprise Data Management and Governance

Enterprise Data Management
and Governance

Our engineers make sure that clients are able to define, integrate, and retrieve data within a sound governance program. Our data management and governance systems provide a clear foundation for business initiatives. Specific offerings include Master Data Management, Metadata Management, and a Compliance Data Quality Management Solution.

Report Migration


Migration of reports from one framework to another requires knowledge, understanding, and experience of both frameworks. Our experienced team of engineers ensure a seamless report migration process. Our report migration offerings include accelerated migration to BI tools such as Qlik by using the utility to scan report metadata, data model and data dictionary for data sources, and data reconciliation between existing and converted reports.

Business Intelligence Tools

Business Intelligence Tools
and Custom Visualization

We integrate BI tools such as MicroStrategy, Qlik and Tableau with big data using an in-memory computing paradigm to deliver easy-to-use data storage and visualization tools, helping you make the most of your data. Our custom BI visualization offerings include domain-specific custom visualization on BI tools.

Speak With a Xoriant Technical Architect Today

Speak With a Xoriant Technical Architect Today

Parag Pardhi

Parag Pardhi
Principal Architect

“Today, companies are dealing with data overload – across existing disparate systems, products, applications, and business processes. It has become complex for decision-makers to make sense of the existing raw business data. And analytics is the key to derive value from data that is rendered useless. Xoriant expert team leverages new-age deep learning and analytics technologies (including the newest algorithms), to discover complex features and relationships, understand, drive new operating models and strategic intelligence that helps educate both decision systems and design structures.”


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