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Cloud Power-up

Elevate Your Data Center with Next-Level CloudOps.

Ever felt like your data center's a puzzle with missing pieces? Or maybe your cloud operations feel like you're navigating through fog, uncertain if you're going in the right direction. It's frustrating, right? You're aiming for seamless, but what you get feels more like a bumpy road.

It's like you're playing catch-up in a race where the finish line keeps moving.

Xoriant is your CloudOps and Data Center experts. We're talking top-tier cloud optimization services, hands-on site reliability engineering, and infrastructure management that's not just managed, but mastered.

We get it. Your data center and cloud operations are more than just tech; they're the backbone of your business. And when they falter, you feel it. That's why we're here – from streamlining processes to cutting costs, our solutions are tailored to make your cloud and data center services not just work, but work wonders.
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Our Key Differentiators
Maximize Your Cloud: Expertise, Efficiency, Security
Proven Cloud Pioneer

With 500+ technology SMEs, we've led large-scale cloud deployments, migrated legacy apps to Azure/AWS, and refactored legacy ETL systems for optimal performance.

Automated Efficiency at Scale

Our frameworks turbocharge product development and deployment. From automated data center profiling to DevOps Tools, we're all about streamlining and innovating.

Integrated Security Excellence

We provide integrated security solutions, including threat evaluation, compliance, and robust reporting. With Xoriant, you get cloud expertise and peace of mind.

Our Capabilities

Data Center Evolution: Pioneering CloudOps Solutions

Cloud Infrastructure Management Overwhelmed by complex cloud infrastructures? Xoriant simplifies and streamlines your Cloud Infrastructure Management, ensuring efficient operations and optimal resource utilization.
Cloud Governance Compliances Concerned about staying compliant in the cloud? We provide thorough compliance and auditing solutions, ensuring you're always aligned with industry standards and regulations.
FinOps Worried about cloud costs spiraling out of control? Get a comprehensive, granular view of your cloud spend for efficient management and financial predictability.
Site Reliability Engineering Struggling with system downtime and performance issues? We focus on proactive monitoring and observability, ensuring your systems are always performing optimally and reliably.
Cloud Monitoring & Observability Need better insights into your cloud performance? Our tools provide critical data, from logs to metrics, enabling quick detection and resolution of issues for enhanced system health.
Cloud Automation Tired of repetitive, manual cloud tasks? Using IaC and advanced tools to streamline processes, we can reduce human error, and enhance efficiency in your cloud operations.
SecOps Worried about cloud compliance? Find automated security, compliance assurance, continuous monitoring and managed evolving threats and regulations in your cloud.
Cloud Disaster & Recovery Concerned about recovery from cloud disruptions? From robust troubleshooting, incident response, and continuity - we keep your operations resilient against any cloud outage.
Our Collaborators

Partners in Cloud Operations & Data Center Services

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Our Numbers

Proof in Performance: Our Impact by the Numbers

CloudOps & Data Center Services - Questions frequently asked

How can Xoriant support my cloud strategy and migration needs?

Xoriant assists in strategizing, prioritizing, and migrating critical workloads to the cloud, ensuring cost, security, and compliance objectives are met, along with retaining on-demand usage and pay-as-you-go benefits​​.

What expertise does Xoriant offer for AWS DevOps and DevSecOps?

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Xoriant provides accelerated deployment services with reusable artifacts and expertise in a suite of AWS and open-source tools, aiming to be cloud-agnostic to suit unique client needs​​.

What capabilities does Xoriant have with the Azure Cloud Platform?

Xoriant, a Microsoft Gold Partner, offers extensive experience across Microsoft's products and services, enhancing business value by accelerating Azure DevOps and DevSecOps project deployments​​.

Can Xoriant help if we are using Google Cloud Platform (GCP)?

Yes, Xoriant offers expertise across the GCP suite, implementing DevOps and DevSecOps methodologies, and utilizing reusable artifacts to speed up deployment processes for GCP customers​​.

Does Xoriant provide support for cloud optimization and management?

Xoriant has deep experience with leading public clouds and employs best-in-class third-party tools for cloud migration and management, aiming to achieve optimal costs, security, and compliance for clients.

Move to Cloud or Make the most of Existing Cloud Setup for the Next- phase-of-growth.

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