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Online Banking Solution for a Leading North American Bank

Xoriant Marketing
Online Banking Solution

Client Background

  • The client is a leading global financial services company with operations around the world. It provides services in three main areas: retail banking, wholesale banking, and brokerage & wealth management. Their retail banking services offer consumers branch office facilities and online banking. The wholesale banking focuses on home mortgage and commercial loans. The brokerage and wealth management services offer trading, retirement, and security investment functions
  • Both the front-end user interface (look and feel) and user experience (navigation) for each of these portals among the client’s various acquisitions were very different. The goal was to provide a consistent user experience across all their web portals as well as provide secure transactions for consumers

Xoriant Solution

  • Xoriant was chosen due to its prior experience with similar banking clients as well as for its deep expertise in various online technologies. In the first phase, Xoriant focused on bringing the front-end architectures, user interface designs, and user experience in line with their requirements for each one of their customer-facing portals
  • As this was a big transformation for the client, Xoriant did extensive analysis to understand the client’s business and technical requirements

Key Benefits

  • Revamped the front-end for all business portals to have a common look and feel for all customers of the client
  • Retail/Consumer Banking portal, Corporate Banking portal, Trade Finance portal, Loan portal & Trading and Brokerage portal were completely changed

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