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Modernize, Optimize, Excel

Elevate Your Cloud: Transforming Legacy Apps for Tomorrow's Success.

Your cloud's creaking under the weight of yesterday's tech and tomorrow's expectations. It's like running a relay race with your legs tied. You're stuck in a loop of "keep it running" when what you really need is to "kick it up a notch".

You're battling aging code, wrestling with scalability, and there's that ever-looming shadow of downtime that haunts your every move.

But between us, those legacy apps aren't getting any younger. With Xoriant, it's not about band-aiding; it's about future-proofing. We don’t just lift and shift; we innovate and engineer.

We transform each application, employing strategies from rehosting to refactoring, ensuring that your cloud infrastructure is not just updated, but uniquely optimized for a future where it doesn't just function, it excels.
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Our Key Differentiators
Our Edge in Cloud Application Modernization
Proven Cloud Pioneer

With 500+ technology SMEs, we've led large-scale cloud deployments, migrated legacy apps to Azure/AWS, and refactored legacy ETL systems for optimal performance.

Automated Efficiency at Scale

Our frameworks turbocharge product development and deployment. From automated data center profiling to DevOps Tools, we're all about streamlining and innovating.

Integrated Security Excellence

We provide integrated security solutions, including threat evaluation, compliance, and robust reporting. With Xoriant, you get cloud expertise and peace of mind.

Our Capabilities

Revolutionize Your Cloud Applications: Re-imagining Legacy Solutions

Cloud App Assessment & Planning Thinking about modernizing your legacy apps? We'll assess your apps and craft a roadmap for a robust modernization strategy, and chart the course for cloud-native transformation.
Cloud Migration Ready to make the move to the cloud? From lift-and-shift to re-hosting, we make the move without missing a beat. Our specialty is seamless migration powered by zero downtime.
Refactoring Apps feeling a bit sluggish? It's time for a code rejuvenation. Our experts dive deep into your apps, fine-tuning them for peak efficiency, scalability, and innovation.
Re-platforming Want an upgrade without the overhaul? We fine-tune your applications for cloud readiness, making them cloud-native without the need for a complete rewrite.
Containerization Containers, anyone? We'll harness the power of Docker, Kubernetes, and more to streamline deployment, boost portability, and supercharge scalability.
Cloud-native Application Development Ready to disrupt the game? Our cloud-native apps are agile, scalable, and ready for action. From microservices to serverless wonders, we code for the limitless horizons of the cloud.
Application Performance Monitoring Worried about your applications' performance? We've got our eyes on them. Real-time insights, predictive analytics, and automated fixes - we make sure your applications run like clockwork.
How We Deliver

Our Cloud-Native Application Modernization Playbook


Revive and rejuvenate your legacy applications. We take your tried-and-true software and transform it into cloud-native champions, ready to take on the world.


Seamless migrations, zero downtime. Think of it as moving day for your apps, to a better neighborhood in the cloud, without the hassle.


Turbocharge your applications. We tweak, tune, and enhance them to sing in the cloud environment, ensuring they're ready for whatever the future holds.


A wellness retreat for your apps. They come out leaner, meaner, and more agile. We redefine your application's architecture for peak performance.


Bid farewell to the past. Some apps have run their race; we help you gracefully retire them, freeing up resources for what truly matters.


For the gems that still shine. We ensure that your critical applications stay in tip-top shape, so they continue to be assets, not liabilities.

Our Collaborators

Partners in Cloud Operations & Data Center Services

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Cloud Application Modernization - Questions frequently asked

How does Xoriant approach cloud application modernization?

Xoriant re-imagines legacy solutions with a focus on assessment, planning, and the execution of modernization strategies that include refactoring, re-platforming, and containerization to optimize application performance in the cloud.

What strategies does Xoriant employ for cloud modernization?

Xoriant leverages proven methodologies for cloud migration, employing automated efficiency and integrated security to ensure applications scale effectively and securely in a modern cloud environment.

Can Xoriant assist with transforming legacy applications to cloud-native?

Yes, Xoriant specializes in transforming legacy systems into cloud-native applications, ensuring they are well-suited for the dynamic and scalable nature of modern cloud infrastructures.

Does Xoriant provide support for application performance monitoring in the cloud?

As part of Xoriant's cloud modernization services, they offer application performance monitoring to ensure optimized operations and to address potential issues proactively.

What makes Xoriant stand out in cloud application modernization?

Xoriant is recognized as a proven cloud pioneer, with key capabilities in revolutionizing cloud applications, demonstrating automated efficiency at scale, and delivering integrated security excellence.

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