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Secure Tomorrow: IAM Solutions Redefined

Your digital fortress is only as strong as its gatekeeper. You’re trying to solve a puzzle with missing pieces – frustrating and futile. The struggle is real: complex user identities, evolving threat landscapes, and the ever-present fear of unauthorized access.

You’re fighting the shadows of outdated access control, wrestling with the scalability problems, and the constant fear of intrusions lurking everywhere. It's a battleground, and you're in it for the win, not just survive. But here's the reality check – legacy systems don't age like fine wine.

At Xoriant, we transform IAM, deploying advanced strategies from access control to multi-factor authentication. We revamp identity and access management, implementing state-of-the-art technologies like role-based access control and identity federation.
It's time to secure your future, not just your present.
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Our Key Differentiators
IAM Precision: Your Strategic Advantage

Unlock a new era with IAM that learns, adapts, and evolves. Your digital guardian, continuously strengthening defenses against emerging threats.

Elevate your IAM seamlessly. Break free from integration headaches. Achieve unified control with IAM that effortlessly syncs with diverse environments

IAM that anticipates threats. Proactive threat intelligence at its core. Identify, thwart, and neutralize threats before they unfold.

Our Capabilities

Access Mastery: Key IAM Competencies

Secure Privilege Access Control Implement advanced access control solutions, eradicate unauthorized entry points, ensuring absolute control over your digital fortress, enhancing security with precision.
Authentication & Authorization Define intricate security parameters; have dynamic control over access, tailoring security on your terms. Employ adaptive measures for a secure authentication process.
Multi-Factor Authentication Elevate defense beyond passwords; embrace dynamic security layers for multiplied protection against evolving threats. Fortify your security posture with cutting-edge MFA technologies.
Identity Safeguard Solutions Enhance digital identity, eliminate impersonation risks. Fortify your digital presence. Strengthen your identity defense with our cutting-edge solutions.
Benefits of our IAM services
Identity in Focus: How IAM Transforms Security
Need quick cloud migration? Our Lift and Shift approach moves your IT and apps to the cloud fast, with minimal fuss. Enjoy immediate cloud perks with no major headaches.
Enhance user experience with seamless IAM integration. Single sign-on, adaptive authentication, and intuitive interfaces empower users without compromising security.
Optimize operations with IAM efficiency. Automated workflows, role-based access, and real-time monitoring streamline processes, boosting productivity and reducing risks.
Multi-factor authentication, threat detection, and encryption fortify your digital perimeters, ensuring resilient protection against evolving cyber threats.
How We Deliver

Precision in Action: Our IAM Deployment

Tailored Delivery for Your Security Evolution
Enhance Security Without Friction

Our IAM approach fortifies security. MFA, threat intelligence integration, and user-friendly interfaces converge to elevate your defenses without impeding users.

Configuration Layer

Experience tailored IAM solutions with our Configuration Layer expertise. We fine-tune every layer, ensuring your system aligns with organizational needs. Precision configuration for a secure access infrastructure.

Our Collaborators

Technology Partners in Our Product & Platform Enigneering

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Identity & Access Management - Questions Frequently Asked

What enhancements does Xoriant's Secure Privilege Access Control offer?

Xoriant enhances security by providing thorough visibility into user access management and upgrading legacy systems, thereby increasing operational efficiency and streamlining compliance, roles, privileges, audit reporting, and access control​​.

How does Xoriant ensure robustness in its Authentication & Authorization Systems?

By developing interfaces/modules for creating users with valid Organization IDs and managing organizational attributes, Xoriant ensures a robust system that maintains data integrity and security​​.

What features are included in Xoriant’s Enhanced Multi-Factor Authentication Services?

Xoriant's services include creating secure user registration processes and notification systems to enhance multi-factor authentication measures for improved security protocols​​.

How does Xoriant's Identity Safeguard Solutions benefit operational efficiency?

The solutions improve operational efficiency by reducing manual work, resulting in an 80% increase in efficiency and faster processing of requests​​.

Can Xoriant's IAM solutions be customized for different organizational needs?

Yes, Xoriant's IAM solutions are designed to be flexible, allowing the creation and management of custom attributes for organizations, thus catering to specific business needs​​.

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