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Automation of Leasing Application Migration From AWS to Microsoft

Xoriant Marketing
Automation of Leasing Application Migration

Client Background

  • Our client is one of the Big Four auditors and leading global service providers with a focus on risk management, financial services, business advisory, and other services.
  • The client’s single-tenant application infrastructure used to take weeks to provision. The cost of infrastructure was high due to lack of automation, and scaling infrastructure during peak hours became a concern.
  • Also, it was difficult to monitor application and infrastructure performance with limited monitoring capabilities.

Xoriant Solution | Key Contributions

  • Xoriant deployed 160+ environments (4 environments for each tenant) to migrate 40+ tenants from AWS to Azure. We transformed the infrastructure with autoscaling capabilities and custom solutions to manage extra load during peak hours and optimize process costs. 

  • Built custom synthetic monitoring solution to monitor application queue count of documents being processed beyond a set threshold to prevent application overload.

  • Built UI automation using python-selenium script to automate application configuration.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced infrastructure costs with automation and auto-availability.
  • 2x Cost Benefits at lower environments (Dev, QA, UAT). 


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