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Future Ready Apps

Build and deploy targeted applications that stick with users and guarantee loyalty.

Today, application engagement translates into your business’s most important goals: engagement, loyalty, and lifetime value. Without experts looking after the application development and management process, you will struggle to deliver the perfect app and incur sunk costs.

Our application development and management team helps unlock your full business potential through low-cost, high-performance, easy-to-maintain apps. Optimize your investments across the app’s lifecycle and adapt to emerging needs.
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Our Key Differentiators
Why Xoriant is Your Ideal Application Development and Management Partner
Application Development & Management - 1

We bring full-spectrum delivery capabilities across the entire application lifecycle. This reduces the need for multiple vendor dependencies, effort duplication, and costs.

Application Development & Management - 2

Our strong track record informs our future decisions and next-gen accelerators and frameworks. This gives us the context and expertise to manage legacy apps effectively.

Application Development & Management - 3

Our expansive technology partner network, together with our unique business understanding, makes us uniquely positioned to deliver the best of both worlds.

Our Capabilities

Explore Our Application Development and Management Services

Custom Application Development Follow hyper-personalization principles to build apps for hyper-specific use cases. Our custom app development offerings are tuned to your exact specifications.
Packaged Application Use application packaging to simplify app import and installations. We deliver packaged application offerings to help onboard users faster and shrink time-to-value.
Application Modernization Don’t let legacy software hold back explosive growth. Our application modernization solutions help update old software while preserving your investments.
Application Lifecycle Management Best outcomes at every stage of the application lifecycle is critical. Through application lifecycle management, we transform governance, development, and maintenance.
How We Deliver

Xoriant’s 3-Step Formula for Assured App ROI

Unlocking Banking Excellence

Capitalize on new opportunities with timely app innovation and best-in-class solutioning. Xoriant BUILD services position us as your future-ready engineering partner.


Drive peak efficiency for your IT operations. Xoriant RUN Services don’t just keep the lights on; we unlock value at every step by maximizing your resources and our expertise.


Innovation doesn’t sleep and with Xoriant TRANSFORM Services, you are inspired to keep pace. Our frameworks and accelerators help execute large-scale digital transformation.

Our Collaborators

Technology Partners in Our Product & Platform Enigneering

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Application Development & Management - Questions frequently asked

What does Application Development Management involve?

Application Development Management covers the process of overseeing the entire application lifecycle, from development and deployment to ongoing maintenance and enhancement.

What are the core offerings of Application Development and Management Services?

Application Development and Management Services provide solutions for custom app development, packaged applications, legacy software modernization, and comprehensive application lifecycle management.

How do Application Development and Maintenance Services contribute to IT optimization?

Application Development and Maintenance Services enhance IT efficiency by updating legacy software, reducing costs, and improving application functionality.

How do Enterprise Application Management Services impact application performance?

Enterprise Application Management Services optimize the entire application lifecycle, including governance, development, and maintenance, resulting in enhanced performance and ROI.

Why are Application Maintenance and Support Services vital for businesses?

Application Maintenance and Support Services assist companies in maintaining and enhancing their applications, reducing the need for multiple vendors and improving long-term efficiency.

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