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360° Cyber Resiliency

Why invest on reactive threat mitigation, when managed Cyber Security Services help proactively prevent threats?

Effective security and compliance are crucial for safeguarding business assets, customer data, and reputation. Despite the relentless stream of attacks, Xoriant's extensive security expertise and continuous adoption of innovative tools empower us to shield your assets—be it legacy systems, cloud-native infrastructure, or mobile apps. Count on us to eliminate both existing and potential vulnerabilities, enabling your business to stay secure.
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Differentiators of Advanced Cybersecurity

Leverage alliances and partners to meet compliance, utilizing global security standards for comprehensive solutions.


Achieve over 50% data breach cost reduction with our proven risk management services.


Fortify security with Zero Trust cloud services, ensuring comprehensive and resilient protection strategies.


Evaluate security maturity using our meticulous framework for comprehensive insights into your security landscape.

All That We Do

Milestones to Cement Enterprise Cyber Security

Enterprise Security Strategy Enterprise Security Strategy Implement a strategic Security framework through a thorough security posture analysis, roadmap development, policy implementation, and BCP development. Know More green green
Data and Application Security Data and Application Security Leverage our vast experience in threat modelling, dynamic code assessments, VAPT, DLP, and CASB solutions for protection of your applications and data. Know More green green
Managed Security Services Managed Security Services Deploy enhanced security mechanisms and expert teams for early threat detection, effective incident management, endpoint protection, patch management, and security awareness training. Know More green green
Identity & Access Management Identity & Access Management Deliver end-to-end IAM from assessment to strategic roadmaps and execution. Xoriant provides comprehensive solutions in multi-factor authentication, authorization, identity protection, SOC2, and privilege access management. Know More green green
Zero Trust Security Implementation Zero Trust Security Implementation Automate implementation of security policies to eliminate manual interventions and enforce robust security through predefined configurations. Know More green green
Risk and Compliance Risk and Compliance Expertly Conduct risk assessment, implement security controls, ensure audit readiness, automate CIS benchmark assessment for compliance with ISO 27001, HIPAA and other compliance standards. Know More green green
Security Operations Center Security Operations Center Enhance threat detection and response with Xoriant's unified Security Operations Center, bolstering cybersecurity across technologies and compliance. Know More green green
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We Co-create Secured Enterprises of Tomorrow

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Our Service Spectrum Beyond Enterprise Security Risk Management

Cyber Security Services - Frequently Asked Questions

What are security services and how it works?

Security services refer to a wide range of measures and practices designed to protect individuals, organizations, assets, and data from various threats and risks. These services play a crucial role in safeguarding against unauthorized access, attacks, and potential harm. Security services encompass both physical and digital aspects and can be implemented at different levels, such as personal, corporate, governmental, or societal.

What is enterprise security and risk management?

Enterprise security and risk management (ESRM) is a comprehensive and integrated approach that organizations adopt to identify, assess, and manage security and business risks across the entire enterprise. It involves the strategic alignment of security practices with business objectives to protect critical assets, data, operations, and reputation.

What is a security risk assessment?

A security risk assessment is a structured procedure employed by organizations to systematically recognize, examine, and assess potential security risks and vulnerabilities present in their surroundings. The primary objective of such an assessment is to attain a thorough comprehension of the security status and pinpoint areas that require enhancements or proactive measures to safeguard assets, data, operations, and personnel from potential threats.

Why is having a Security Operations Center (SOC) important for businesses?

  • Proactive threat hunting helps in real-time threat detection and response
  • Centralized security visibility with 24/7 monitoring and support
  • Continuous threat intelligence update

Why do I need security engineering services?

  • To identify and address security vulnerabilities in your systems and infrastructure
  • To strengthen enterprise security posture
  • To ensure compliance with global and industry regulations
  • To conduct security assessments and penetration testing for proactive risk management
  • To immediately respond to breach and security incidents
  • To stay updated with the latest security technologies and best practice
  • To safeguard sensitive data and maintain customer trust

Why is Zero Trust security important?

Zero Trust security is crucial in the modern threat landscape to provide a more robust, adaptive, and data-centric approach to security. By assuming no inherent trust and continuously verifying and validating access requests, organizations can better protect their critical assets, data, and operations from sophisticated cyber threats.

Why is VAPT important for businesses and organizations?

VAPT is important for businesses and organizations because it:

  • Identifies and addresses security vulnerabilities in their systems and infrastructure.
  • Helps reduce the risk of cyber-attacks, data breaches, and financial losses.
  • Demonstrates compliance with regulations and builds trust among customers by ensuring data protection

How can organizations choose the right IAM solution or service provider?

Organizations can choose the right IAM solution or service provider by first assessing their specific IAM requirements, evaluating features, security, and compliance capabilities. They should prioritize UX, scalability, integration, and vendor reputation while considering the cost and licensing model. Conducting a POC can help evaluate the solution's performance in the real-world, and ensuring data privacy and governance measures are in place is essential.

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