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Xoriant CloudIO Accelerator

Where Speed Meets Strategy in Business Transformation

Xoriant’s CloudIO turns the tables, making data more than just figures and charts – it's the start of a conversation. No more boring reports. Instead, you're right in the middle of a dynamic chat, spotting trends and bouncing ideas off your teammates in real-time.

Whether your team's in the next room or across the globe, you're all in it together, breaking down walls and building up ideas. It's not just another tool – it's your team's new hangout spot for co-creating the future.

CloudIO isn't just about talk. It's about transforming your business, FAST. Need to whip up a new app or integrate systems without getting tangled in details? CloudIO's got you. Its low-code approach and prebuilt solutions means you're up and running in no time, making the most of what you already have and keeping up with the latest tech, all without breaking a sweat.

Say goodbye to the drag of digital transformation and hello to instant business wins with Xoriant CloudIO Accelerator.
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Our Key Differentiators
Leading the Charge in Cloud Innovation
Proven Cloud Pioneer

With 500+ technology SMEs, we've led large-scale cloud deployments, migrated legacy apps to Azure/AWS, and refactored legacy ETL systems for optimal performance.

Automated Efficiency at Scale

Our frameworks turbocharge product development and deployment. From automated data center profiling to DevOps Tools, we're all about streamlining and innovating.

Integrated Security Excellence

We provide integrated security solutions, including threat evaluation, compliance, and robust reporting. With Xoriant, you get cloud expertise and peace of mind.

Our Key Capabilities

Powering Tomorrow's Business Today

Rapid Application Development Say goodbye to slow app development. With CloudIO, you'll innovate at warp speed, staying miles ahead in the competitive race.
Data Synchronization & Integration Master your data with CloudIO's seamless sync and integration. Now your teams can make spot-on, real-time decisions with unified data at their fingertips.
Digital Workflows & Process Automation Transform how you work with CloudIO's digital workflows and process automation. Less grunt work, more efficiency, and sky-high productivity.
Real-Time Reporting & Smart Dashboards Discover the power of real-time insights with CloudIO. Our smart dashboards bring your data to life, offering intuitive, visual stories for smarter decisions.

Our Usecases

CloudIO in the Real World: Stories of Transformation
Real-Time Inventory

Transformed a US grocery chain's stock-keeping game. Integrated seamlessly with their ERP systems for real-time tracking and auditing.


Rapid Application Development

Boosted efficiency for a leading SM platform. Delivered end-to-end process optimization. Now, they're not just running; they're sprinting ahead in their industry..

Rapid Application Development

Compliance & Reporting

Revolutionized financial reporting for a suite of clients. Our solution ensures both internal and SOX compliance effortlessly. Financial reporting, simplified and secure.

Compliance & Reporting

Order Management

Elevated a medical device manufacturer's order system. More visibility, more productivity. Every order now flows smoothly, like clockwork.


Supplier Connect Platform

Crafted the ultimate supplier engagement platform for top SM companies. Onboarding and collaborating with suppliers is now a breeze.

Supplier Connect Platform

FSG Reporting Tool

Delivered crystal-clear financial data visibility for clients. Granular, accurate, and real-time – financial decision-making just got a major upgrade.

FSG Reporting

The Strategies

CloudIO's Behind the Scenes Winning Strategies

CloudIO's Behind the Scenes Winning Strategies
Cloud For Digital Transformation

Kick your digital transformation into high gear. Imagine deploying apps at lightning speed, shrinking your time-to-market, and getting all your data talking to each other, effortlessly.

Rapidly Build High-Impact Systems of Engagement

Need to shake things up, fast? That's what we do. Crafting high-impact systems, streamlining your processes, and slicing through data clutter – all while speeding past the competition.

Task-Focused Workflows: The New Enterprise Standard

Watch your business processes transform with our task-centric approach. Expect streamlined workflows, real-time insights, and a faster route to market dominance.

Expand and Modernize Legacy Systems

Take those dated legacy systems and give them a 21st-century makeover. Unified data, automated processes, and real-time insights. Your old tech just got a new lease on life.

Our Collaborators

Partners in Cloud Operations & Data Center Services

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CloudIO - Questions frequently asked

What is's approach to Rapid Application Development, and how does Xoriant support this? provides efficient digital process automation for rapid application development, while Xoriant ensures seamless integration and tailored support to align with your business needs.

How does Process Digitalization and Automation work with's platform, and what role does Xoriant play in its implementation? automates and digitizes business processes, enhancing efficiency. Xoriant offers expert services for seamless implementation and alignment with your operational goals.

Can Xoriant help in setting up Real-time Data Visualization and Dashboards using's platform?

Yes, Xoriant leverages's real-time capabilities to develop insightful and visually compelling Real time dashboard and data visualization tools.

How does Data Synchronization and Integration work between and Xoriant's data integration platform and software?

Together, and Xoriant ensure smooth data integration and synchronization, maintaining data integrity across systems and providing a cohesive view of your operations.

Move to Cloud or Make the most of Existing Cloud Setup for the Next- phase-of-growth.

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