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Xoriant Customer Story: Product Extensibility for Storage ISV

Xoriant Marketing
Xoriant Interoperability

Client Background

  • Our client is a large global storage management company with development centers, laboratories and sales offices across the world
  • They needed to certify their storage products for interoperability and ensure compatibility with a wide range of heterogeneous products within the product ecosystem

Xoriant Solution

  • Our experts performed functional and system testing of features such as disaster recovery, data replication, compression, de-duplication, load balancing, quota, ACL, ABE, join domain, and others
  • With our support, storage arrays of the client were certified to work flawlessly with different OS, Hypervisors, HBAs, FC Switches, etc. in the product ecosystem

Key Benefits

  • Gained 25% improvement in time to market by certifying storage arrays across OS, Hypervisors, HBAs and FC switches. Achieved 30% improvement in productivity by assigning the same team for certifying additional storage arrays
  • Increased customer base with product extensibility achieved through the interoperability verifications and certifications performed by our experts

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