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Client Background

Throughout its 20-year history, our customer, a North American vision healthcare company, has been committed to the mission of providing exceptional eye care services and expansive eye wear solutions. With its community of doctors and team members, the company has made a difference to the lives of patients by making personalized vision healthcare accessible for everyone.

Recently, the healthcare organization turned its attention to transform its talent acquisition business systems. The company used multiple recruitment systems to search, communicate, hire, onboard and track the entire tenure of prospective candidates.

Xoriant Solution | Key Contributions

After reviewing its options and leveraging their Microsoft partnership, the company decided to select Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure to build an applicant tracking system. The intent was to integrate all the third-party recruitment systems being used under one ecosystem. For help with setting up the new applicant tracking system, the healthcare company turned to Xoriant to architect and implement it.

Because the customer used Microsoft Azure, the team was able to take advantage of several Azure capabilities such as Azure DevOps, Azure logging and monitoring, and building the logic apps for daily reporting and QA automation framework during the solution’s design, build and test phases.

Agile methodologies were employed including microservices, architecture design and development on a serverless platform, API management and third-party API integration to enable the team to quickly build a comprehensive and intuitive ecosystem.

Business Benefits

In just 8 months, the healthcare company was ready to transition from a siloed, labor-intensive talent acquisition business systems to a robust, integrated applicant tracking system with effective reporting, monitoring and optimization of talent acquisition activities. Customer’s talent acquisition teams now have a reliable means of system to attract, search, communicate, manage, and track potential candidates.

From an operational perspective, the comprehensive applicant tracking system helped reduce the human efforts involved in end-to-end hiring by 75%. The customer received over 20,000+ applications within a short span of time with successful internal placements and fulfillments.

The reusable API implementation across business systems allowed the customer to integrate multiple applications and platforms with ease and leverage maximum value from these systems. We further ensured that the healthcare customer could easily navigate the new business system without any disruption.

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