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Client Background

Our client, an established Independent Software Vendor (ISV), empowers global enterprises and over 100 million users to solve complex business challenges with mission-critical solutions. They enable digital business by providing a connected intelligence platform for any application or data source, intelligently unifying data for greater access, trust, and control, and confidently predicting outcomes in real time and at scale.


As the client pivoted towards the adoption of cloud products, they faced the challenge of a large customer base still using legacy products with significant technical debt. Key challenges included:

  • Negative impact on customer experience causing frustration
  • The need for comprehensive technical support across product suites, production, and deployment
  • Critical support staff time being locked due to a lack of tools to address customer issues effectively


To realize their vision of enhanced customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, Xoriant built a dedicated technology center providing global support and product sustenance services for multiple product lines. This solution was backed by stringent SLAs and flexible engagement models, ensuring continuous support and innovation:

  • Conducted workshops and user interviews to gather in-depth product knowledge
  • Provided 24x7 L1-L3 support for sustaining end-of-life products
  • Managed business activity monitoring, system monitoring, and patch management
  • Automated the interaction from legacy systems to Oracle apps, including custom development for premium customers

Business Outcome

The collaboration with Xoriant delivered significant business outcomes:

  • Achieved 50% increase in recurring annual savings from product sustenance support
  • Boosted customer retention by 30%, thereby reducing support calls by 35%
  • Upheld 100% SLA adherence through 10 years of high-quality support engagement

By delivering engineering excellence and proactive support, Xoriant enabled the client to realize their goal of reducing dependency on support, enhancing product adoption, and increasing user satisfaction.

Technology Stack

Operating Systems: Unix (HP, Solaris, Linux, AIX), Windows (2008/2008 R2/7)
Programming Languages: C, C++, Java
Middleware: ActiveX/COM
Backend Databases: Oracle, MSSQL, Sybase
Web Server: Tomcat, WebSphere
Tools: Rational (Purify, Quantify), CRM, Perforce, Forte, ActiveX/COM

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