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The Client

Our client is a leading provider of financial crime and compliance solutions for global financial institutions and government regulators, offering real-time solutions to tackle issues like payment fraud, cybercrime, sanctions monitoring, and more. 

Among their offerings, a standout product offers in-depth analysis of market and trade data. They aimed to elevate the user experience by concentrating on boosting a key feature within this product's user interface.

The Challenge

The project involved enhancing their market insight feature through improvements to its periodicity and graph behavior functionalities. The main objectives were:

Periodicity and Graph Candles:

  • Achieve a rendering time of 2 to 3 seconds for the market insight screen.
  • Seamlessly enable the periodicity functionality for both single and multiple instruments.
  • Provide support for periodicity ranges ranging from 1 second/tick to 1 month.

Graph Behavior:

  • Optimize the loading timelines of the graph.
  • Define a default loading value and the aggregation of markers.

Xoriant Solution | Key Contributions

In response to the client's needs, the Xoriant team delivered an all-encompassing solution, spanning the UI frontend and Java backend. Highlights include:

Streamlined UI: Leveraging the ChartIQ UI Framework, the team crafted a consistent and responsive user interface, elevating the market insight feature's usability.

Robust API Development: The team transformed existing code into RESTful APIs, seamlessly integrating with the UI application. This integration extended to third-party data providers, enabling the creation of essential functionalities for an upgraded market insight feature.

Rigorous Testing: Xoriant conducted comprehensive end-to-end testing, ensuring the market insight product's reliability. Integration tests solidified smooth communication between the existing product and the third-party data service provider's systems.

Business Benefits

The integration of new functionalities into the market insight feature yielded noteworthy business gains for the client:

Elevated Market Surveillance and Fraud Detection:

The newly introduced functionalities notably elevated the client's market surveillance prowess. The enriched toolset facilitated advanced fraud detection within the financial landscape, fortifying security measures and risk mitigation.

Augmented Operational Efficiency:

Through Xoriant's adept performance engineering, processing time was drastically reduced from 10 seconds to a mere 3 seconds. This accelerated processing pace translated to swifter data analysis and decision-making, thereby amplifying operational efficiency and responsiveness.

By harnessing Xoriant's prowess in UI and API development, coupled with meticulous testing, the client effectively realized their objective of enhancing the market insight feature within their market surveillance product. Xoriant’s expertise delivered enhanced market surveillance and performance engineering that empowered the client to identify and preempt fraudulent activities in the financial domain.

Technology Stack

VueJS, Html5, ChartIQ, JavaScript, ES6, TypeScript, CSS3, jQuery and XSLT/XML/JSON, Java 1.8, Maven, MSSQL

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