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Medical Devices Tracking and Data Analysis

Xoriant Marketing
Medical Devices Tracking

Medical Devices Tracking And Data Analysis

Designed and implemented an analytics solution that could easily traced patient’s data and enabled better medical care to the patients thereby increasing the user base drastically.

Key Requirements

  • Track all the patient devices and view the captured data in an easy to read and understandable form
  • Analyze the data to define a trend of the usage of devices in the form of various graphical representation
  • View a comprehensive list of patients using the devices with the ability to Add/Remove/Update new patients/users to the system.

Key Contribution

  • Developed a backend REST API Server in NodeJS to handle the influx of network traffic smoothly
  • Used NodeJS’ single thread and Event Loop Model for more scalability
  • Configured SSL for client-server communication, to ensure maximum security of data.


  • Device performance and patient data availability at a glance on a dashboard facilitated 30% increase in productivity which led to faster decision making.
  • Provided ease of data access to various administrators who could manage dashboard remotely which ultimately reduced the turnaround time by 20%.

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