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Customer Loyalty Rewards and Sales Promotion Application

Xoriant Marketing
Customer loyalty rewards and sales promotion application

Customer Loyalty Rewards And Sales Promotion Application

A rewards and promotion app which allows merchants to promote online sales offer and users to purchase online/offline using Bitcoins/Giftcards overcame scalability and security issues through a customized solution developed by Xoriant. 

Key Requirements

  • Identifying security aws in the application and taking remedial measures like:
  • Protection of user account details from hacking and identity thefts
  • Securing user’s e-wallet details and transactions.

Key Contributions

  • Included alternate modes of transactions/payment including gift-cards, to cater to different shopping habits of a larger user base
  • Incorporated efficient database, for handling different types of data effectively
  • Providing scalability to enable support of the application across multiple platform.


  • Increased user base by 300% due to the availability of app on Google Play Store
  • Increased performance of the app by 70% under heavy user traffic due to caching system and crash tracking system being incorporated in the app. 

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