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Interactive Video App for a Media Company

Xoriant Marketing
Interactive Video App for Media Company

Interactive Video App for a Media Company

A world' largest entertainment business gain  a first mover advantage by entering into a new target market of kids through a highly interactive video game application developed by Xoriant mobility experts.

Key Requirements

  • Development of application on Android platform with OS v4.0 and above and for Amazon Kindle devices.
  • Incorporating in-app user specific advertising, data analytics and reporting features Adhering to device and platform specific standards for aesthetics as UI is the key driver for games.
  • QA of application on devices with different resolution and screen sizes to provide a seamless experience across platforms and mobile phones and tablets alike. Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Developed an app on Android and FireOS which involved interactive videos, voice detection, touch gestures, animations and accelerometer actions.
  • Created a track selection component to view all the activities in the form of thumbnails and allowing the user to jump to a particular activity / video.
  • Used third party library PocketSphinx for voice recognition feature. Know More >>


  • Gained first mover advantage by developing one of a kind interactive application for kids.
  • Android users contributed 20% of the total app downloads by due to an early release of the application for different Android devices. Know More >>

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