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English Language Learning App on Firefox OS

Xoriant Marketing
English Language Learning App

English Language Learning App on Firefox OS

Built a popular English language learning hybrid app on Firefox OS that helped the client to expand its global footprint and increased user acceptance of the app without compromising time to market.

Key Requirements

  • Content to be provided at different complexity levels like beginner, advanced and expert.
  • Content should be delivered on a daily basis with weekly themes.
  • A week’s content should include a series of multiple learning pages followed by a set of quizzes. Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Designed and developed UI of the application using HTML5, Bootstrap and CSS3
  • Used AngularJS as front end technology to enable code reusability.
  • Used MongoDB to store document like objects. Know More >>


  • Expanded global footprint by launching application on Firefox OS.
  • High acceptance of application due to the ease of use and seamless user experience on mobile. Know More >>

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