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Amazon OpenSearch

Experience the Ease of AWS Elasticsearch!

We realize AWS Elasticsearch is your powerhouse to handle extensive datasets and is used for applications with complicated search functionality and needs. Whether you are revolutionizing complex data management for monitoring or modernizing, Xoriant can make a remarkable difference in your data transformation journey. Partner with us to realize the maximum potential of data, harness its value to drive efficiency, make informed decisions and accelerate innovation.
Effortless Data Ingestion Effortless Data Ingestion We provide robust solutions that streamline data ingestion from various sources. Our tools and expertise ensure that your data flows seamlessly into your systems, reducing complexity and improving efficiency.
Powerful Data Search Powerful Data Search With Xoriant’s implementation of OpenSearch, finding the right data is a breeze. Our advanced search capabilities enable you to quickly locate the information you need, saving your team’s time and effort.
Interactive Data Visualization Interactive Data Visualization Our cutting-edge data visualization tools transform raw data into meaningful insights. Grasp trends, patterns, and anomalies easily and make faster data-driven decisions for successful outcomes.
Advanced Data Analysis Advanced Data Analysis Our analytical tools and expertise empower you to dive deep into your data. Whether you're monitoring infrastructure or modernizing applications, we help you extract actionable insights to optimize performance and drive innovation.
Benefits of Amazon OpenSearch
High Performance and Scalability

Embrace Amazon OpenSearch and experience its superpower to handle millions of documents per second and petabytes of data. You can effortlessly scale and meet the demands of your most challenging applications.

Secure and Compliant

Leave your security and compliance concerns behind, as Amazon OpenSearch is hosted within the secure AWS cloud environment and complies with various industry standards, including HIPAA, PCI DSS, and SOC 2.

Stress-free and Easy to Use

Manage Amazon OpenSearch with ease. You can utilize the AWS Management Console, the AWS CLI, or the AWS SDKs to effortlessly deploy and oversee your Amazon OpenSearch domains.

Amazon OpenSearch - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amazon OpenSearch, and how does it differ from AWS Elasticsearch?

Amazon OpenSearch is a powerful data search and analytics engine, evolving from AWS Elasticsearch. While it shares similarities with AWS Elasticsearch, OpenSearch emphasizes openness and community-driven development, providing greater flexibility and customization for high-performance data search and analysis. It's the ideal choice for managing extensive datasets and complex search needs.

How can Xoriant help in data transformation and data management with Amazon OpenSearch?

Xoriant streamlines data ingestion from diverse sources, reducing complexity. Their expertise in Amazon OpenSearch makes data easily searchable, while advanced visualization tools extract valuable insights from raw data.

What are the compliance standards supported by Amazon OpenSearch?

Amazon OpenSearch, hosted in the secure AWS cloud, adheres to industry standards like HIPAA, PCI DSS, and SOC 2, assuring you of rigorous security and compliance.

How can I manage Amazon OpenSearch, and what tools are available for oversight?

Easily manage Amazon OpenSearch via the user-friendly AWS Management Console for configuration and monitoring. Alternatively, use the AWS CLI or AWS SDKs for programmatic control, ensuring effortless deployment and oversight of your OpenSearch domains.

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