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Shift Left Reduces Risks and Secures Your Organization

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For ISVs, banking and financial companies, and enterprises, comprehensive security and compliance management are imperative to proactively protect your business assets, customer data, and your brand. But the constant barrage of attacks can prevent the best security team from identifying and resolving emerging new threats.

Xoriant has decades of security experience and is always on the cutting-edge of new tools and technologies to protect your assets from legacy systems to cloud-native and mobile apps. We ensure that your business is free from actual and potential vulnerabilities.

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Know your risk and security posture
Know Your Risk
and Security Posture

Secure Environment

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Secure Your

Security Automation

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Automate Security

Security Management

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Managed Security

Digital Forensics & Compliance

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Digital Forensics and
Compliance Services
You Can Trust Xoriant for Security
Advanced Threat and
Vulnerability Management

Our deep next-generation technology expertise enables us to combat the toughest threats as we code security into every layer of your environment. Our product engineering pedigree gives us the rigor to build and secure scalable products.


We work with you to identify and solve problems across your security environment. As trusted advisors and virtual CISOs, we go far beyond checking boxes. We continuously assess the cost and benefit-risk ratio and the mitigation options to help you make the smartest decisions for your business.

Security With
Business Context

Our extensive experience and technical expertise give us a broader understanding of how security aligns with your business goals. We are committed to delivering value to a variety of organizations – from niche technology creators to large enterprises operating on-premises, in the cloud, or both.

Global Expertise for
Today’s Global World

Our global teams keep you compliant and secure as you expand. Designing security systems at the core enables us to meet global business and regulatory requirements while limiting present and future disruption to your growth.

Security Insights

Is Your Business 100% Secure?

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By 2023, 30% of chief information security officers’ (CISOs’) effectiveness will be directly measured on their ability to create value for the business.

Source: Gartner

The new CISO must create value for the business. The question is how?

No More Repetitive Tasks

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Automated security tasks will be performed much faster, in a scalable way, with fewer errors. SRM leaders must invest in automation projects that free teams to focus on more critical security functions.

Security process automation emerges to eliminate repetitive tasks.

Protect Digital Business Initiatives

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AI and ML technologies require security expertise to address 3 key challenges:
• Protect AI-powered digital business systems,
• Leverage AI with packaged security products to enhance security defense, and
• Anticipate the nefarious use of AI by attackers.

AI creates new security responsibilities for protecting digital initiatives.

Measuring Cloud Security Risks

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 A well-designed risk management strategy, aligned with the overarching cloud strategy, can help organizations determine where public cloud use makes sense and what actions can be taken to reduce risk exposure.

Source: Gartner

The cloud service market is expected to reach $623.3 billion by 2023 worldwide. 94% of enterprises already use a cloud service.

Let's Talk About How to Strengthen Security for Your Business
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Why are Enterprises Using Policy-Based Data Remediation During Data Migration?

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Case Study

Improved infrastructure and application security with 20% reduced capital expenses.

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Case Study

Enhanced security with thorough visibility into the user access management by upgrading the existing legacy systems.