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The Client

Infor is a multinational leader providing ERP solution and platforms to various industry verticals. They specialize in simplified ERP solution preconfigured to be industry-specific for fast implementation on a platform with world-class cloud support.

One of their offerings is the Infor® Hospitality Management Solution (HMS), a hotel PMS built in the cloud to consistently meet and exceed modern guest expectations. With Infor HMS, hospitality organizations can better manage operations, and deliver richer guest services.

The Challenge

The client sought to modernize their legacy product by transitioning it from MS SQL Server to AWS Aurora PostgreSQL while simultaneously establishing a dual-compatible system. This needed an expert technology service provider with the hospitality industry domain knowledge and skillsets of data migration and application migration.

Xoriant Solution | Key Contributions

With a commitment to streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency, the Xoriant team confronted the time-intensive tedious issues and achieved a successful database migration while maintaining operational continuity for the client.

Our engineering team identified incompatibilities across the core database object level, SQL statements written inside of Java code, manually executed the test plans of all the application screens to identify performance issues. 

Xoriant with strong PostgreSQL database expertise with a team of developers and QA testers collaborated with the client’s engineering team to work on dual compatible solution for the application. Xoriant team supported to make it more productive and reusable using automated code, tools/modules that supported the customer’s end goals.

Business Benefits 

The extreme agile data migration and application modernization with bug-free performance testing enabled the client to experience the following benefits: 

  • Boosted productivity with automation and reduced manual efforts by 30%.
  • Facilitated root cause analysis of performance-intensive queries via an automated program.
  • Automation and Java programs reduced time requirements from 2 hours to 1 hour, boosting overall efficiency.

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