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Learn how SaaS providers are fueling business growth with modernization powered by pre-built frameworks, templates, and intelligent automation.

Modernization is critical for driving a superior customer experience, fast response times, and resilience. At the same time, it is notorious for being tedious and expensive. In addition, the talent shortage and the lack of interoperability pose major challenges that can lead to significant security concerns and uncertain costs.

Interestingly, SaaS providers who have navigated all the above, have the market validated templates, frameworks and automation to make modernization faster, more precise, and resource optimal.

In this IDC Spotlight sponsored by Xoriant, Frank Della Rosa, Research Vice President, SaaS, Business Platforms, and Ecosystems, reveals how. This paper highlights:

  • The trends and statistics driving modernization and investments in cloud adoption
  • A look at best practice frameworks, pre-built templates, and automation technologies used by SaaS providers for modernization
  • How the SaaS provider ecosystem has strategic access to capable partners and on-demand developer talent
  • IDC-backed research on the demand for edge infrastructure and its impact on SaaS application architecture
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