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Increase Product Adoption and Customer Engagement With a Boost From Our Learning Solutions

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Is constant disruption to your workforce culture causing you to fall behind the tech curve? If remote employees aren’t adopting new products fast enough, text-heavy training presentations could be the culprit. Digital age learners need interactive, organic learning experiences they can access when convenient.  

Xoriant learning solutions deliver video-based, interactive learning experiences, customized for each product and user ecosystem. Our adaptive, self-paced learning solutions range from micro-learning modules to gamified applications using nudge-based learning. And our digital knowledge management tools can track learners’ progress anytime, on any device.

Key Focus Areas

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Why Modernize Your Existing Learning Content?

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Digitalization of legacy training assets has been reported to save up to 60% in overall costs. Because it’s more feasible than a complete overhaul, it makes sense to upgrade existing training programs for a revamped look and up-to-date functionality

Modernized content should have a revamped look and up-to-date functionality with upgraded features.

What’s Wrong With Long-Form Learning Content?

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According to Bersin, the average employee is able to dedicate only about 24 minutes to training and development every week. Such a short window calls for compact, quick bursts of micro-learning which impart easy-to-retain bites of knowledge.

Shorter content is much easier-to-retain for the learners, not to mention time-saving.

Absorb Videos On-The-Go

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Employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than to read a report, email, or article. An interactive video is found to have a 10 times greater impact on learning than traditional, non-interactive video.
Source: Forrester

Interactive video is an essential part of today’s learning.

Virtual Reality in Training

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1 in 3 SMBs intend to use VR in employee onboarding training by 2021 – and expect to see a 50% faster time-to-productivity as a result. Virtual reality is still maturing as a technology, but it offers a new way to provide an immersive, interactive, and engaging learning experience across a variety of content types
Source: Capterra

Leveraging VR training in development efforts can help you engage and retain employees.

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To address crucial business continuity around learnings, Xoriant has extended a new service vertical to offer digital transformation for learning.

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Case Study

Ensured transparency of customer communication during major roll-out. Built a common community for end- users and developers.

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Solved common customer support queries through eLearning nuggets. Empowered customers with self paced digital learning material.