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Site Reliability Engineering With AWS for Zero-Trust Platform Leader

Xoriant Marketing

Client Background

  • A Multinational Technology Company providing integrated zero-trust cloud platforms wanted to upgrade their AWS infrastructure and make Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) the central support team for providing round the clock support.
  • The scope of challenges included inadequate visibility of metrics and logs for their microservices tech stack due to a lack of uniform standards for monitoring, alerting and ticketing integrations.  
  • The client engaged with Xoriant to upgrade AWS infrastructure, improve observability, add necessary integrations, and optimize security and compliance.

Xoriant Solution

  • Deployed SRE operations team to manage monitoring, task automation, incidents, and minor changes.
  • Assessed the environment and automated daily tasks, reducing manual effort up to 40%.
  • Automated Gateway deployment using CloudFormation service and AWS SDK for CT Gateway deployment in desired region.
  • Built a unified dashboard for observability. Implemented Prometheus-Grafana and Alert Manager to improve observability of the EKS clusters and key services to meet SLOs.

Business Benefits

  • 30% reduction in alerts by removing false positives.
  • Enhanced environment visibility and insights, enabling data-driven business decisions and optimized cloud spend.
  • Increased customer satisfaction by reducing TAT from hours and days to minutes.

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