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Enhanced CloudOps Optimizes Unified Communications App Delivery

Xoriant Marketing

Client Background

  • A multinational provider of cloud unified communications platforms wanted to enhance their cloud infrastructure and leverage opportunities to make their cloud operations more efficient and cost effective.
  • They were also looking at various integrations and support services to optimize the security features of their offerings and leverage the existing cloud to expand into multiple, new geographies. 
  • At the same time, the client wanted to assure customers that the company would maintain current compliance standards and response times in the geographical locations they served.

Xoriant Solution

Xoriant provided a team of CloudOps experts to help the client optimize cloud costs and extend its geographic reach, while strengthening security across the solution platform.

  • The CloudOps team assessed existing environment for tools and process in play.
  • Leveraged Azure DevOps for end-to-end automated cloud infrastructure and application deployment.
  • Deployed 24X7 SRE operations team for monitoring, task automation, incidents and upgrades by leveraging runbooks and auto-healing.
  • Implemented Prometheus-Grafana and AlertManager to improve the observability of the AKS clusters to meet the client SLOs.

Business Benefits

  • Delivered 20% saving on cloud spend per month with resource optimization and Azure budget and spend facilities.
  • Achieved 86% reduction in unnecessary alerts using root cause analysis (RCA); 30% reduction in false positives.

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