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Client Background

Our client is a leading mortgage services platform offering online and mobile home loan and refinancing solutions. To ensure customers could access their services everywhere, the client’s team was tasked with performing a huge number of manual regressions in different environments for every release. While traditional validation methods were used previously for UI and database testing, they were clearly inadequate for this challenge. Comprehensive cloud testing was urgently needed for the client’s product integrations running on AWS.

To avoid time-to-market slippage, automation was needed. With cloud testing experience on Azure, GCP (Google Cloud Platform), AWS and other leading cloud platforms, Xoriant was engaged to validate and automate the client's product integrations with AWS computing services including Lambda, DynamoDB and S3 bucket.

The key objectives of the Xoriant engagement were to:

  • Automate end-to-end testing of the manual test cases
  • Conduct cloud service testing for all AWS integrations

Xoriant Solution | Key Contributions

Our experts employed digital engineering techniques to automate the entire workflow and executed it using Xoriant’s proprietary iAutomate framework.

Key contributions included:

  • Defined the testing strategy.
  • Designed the test automation plan.
  • Implemented the iAutomate framework, including:
    • Test automation with iAutomate’s ready-to-use utility methods for working with AWS, Elastic Search, and third-party tools like Jira, Sauce Labs, Slack, etc.
    • Utilities employed to update attribute values in complex JSONs, enabling API automation, and thereby, AWS automation.
    • Integration and testing of AWS S3 bucket and DynamoDB for loan processing files and vendor data storage.
    • AWS SDK for testing AWS services.
    • Configured AWS access and secret keys as Profiles to increase security and create credential provider objects.
    • Automated assertions for data (such as customer data, loan processing data) populated in AWS S3 or DynamoDB to make testing process more robust.
  • Executed the automation plan for the regression pack to ensure complete test coverage.
  • Integrated iTestRunner with AWS Lambda to accelerate automation.

High Level Architecture

Cloud Integration Testing

Key Benefits

  • 100 cases automated by integrating AWS SDK, taking test coverage to the next level.

  • 50%+ increase in test coverage.

  • 25% minimized testing time by employing a parallel use case testing approach with AWS components integrated in the iAutomate framework.

  • Regression defect leakage reduced to zero post AWS integration.

  • Total regression test time cut from one week to 6 hours.

  • Enabled cost savings with time and resource optimization through automation of test cases.

Technology Stack

AWS API for S3, DynamoDB, Lambda | Xoriant iAutomate (Java) Framework

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