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Client Background

Our client, a prominent clothing brand with a global reach and delivery to over 75 countries, had implemented Dynamics 365 (D365) to manage its operations. The D365 system was integrated with other critical applications like Salesforce Cloud and third-party business systems, all connected through Azure integration services. Given the importance of these integrations, the client sought a reliable team to continuously monitor the Azure integration layer and ensure its flawless functioning, especially during critical sales periods when transaction volumes spiked.

The primary objectives of the client were to:

  • Maintain uninterrupted operation of the integration layer, particularly during high-demand periods, to prevent disruptions to business operations.
  • Identify and resolve integration layer issues promptly, following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to minimize the impact on business processes.
  • Generate reports on unresolved issues occurring on a daily basis for immediate action and resolution.

Xoriant Solution & Key Contributions

To address the client's requirements, Xoriant proposed a comprehensive strategy leveraging its deep domain knowledge and technical expertise in Azure integration. 

16/7 Shift-Wise Monitoring: Xoriant established round-the-clock monitoring of the integration layer, following a predefined checklist, to detect any anomalies or failures in real-time.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Reporting:
Whenever issues or failures were observed, Xoriant conducted a thorough root cause analysis and provided detailed RCA reports to the client team for further action.

Tracking Recurrent Issues:
Xoriant tracked and reported recurrent integration issues at periodic intervals, enabling the client to prioritize quick resolutions based on the issues' criticality.

Manual Reprocessing and Reporting:
In case of failures, Xoriant executed manual reprocessing of data (e.g., Orders, Picking Lists, Packing Lists) using predefined SOPs. Failures were reported post-reprocessing for the client's follow-up.

Data Flow Dashboards:
Xoriant generated daily, weekly, and monthly dashboards displaying the flow of data through the integration layer, alongside error counts for better insights.

Issue Logging on DevOps:
All identified integration-related issues were logged on DevOps to ensure systematic tracking and closure.

Business Benefits

Xoriant's vigilant monitoring and data-driven approach delivered significant benefits to the client:

Real-Time Issue Resolution:
With continuous monitoring, the client’s team received immediate notifications of any issues, such as failures in order creation or confirmation of orders, even when there was no corresponding inventory. The client’s team was able to take swift action and resolve critical problems without major disruptions to their order fulfillment and shipping cycles that could negatively impact business operations and compromising their reputation.

Proactive Issue Management:
Regular reports on recurrent issues, coupled with detailed root cause analysis, empowered the client to develop action plans for rapid resolutions, contributing to a more stable and bug-free system.

Improved Order Success and Fulfilments:
The seamless integration layer led to an increase in successful order processing and fulfilment, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Technology Stack

Dynamics 365 (D365), Azure Integrations, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, DevOps

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