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Modernizing the Legacy VMWare Plugin for a Data Protection Leader

Xoriant Marketing

Client Background

The client is a leading provider of comprehensive data protection solutions for global customers. The client was using a legacy local plugin architecture to provide a VMware vSphere Plugin application to the customers for managing their VMware assets’ data protection. 

The Plugin enabled the client to integrate and extend key features like backup, restore, monitoring of their core data protection solution locally available for end users.

This plugin had to be decommissioned because VMware intended to discontinue support for local Plugin Architecture in favor of a new Remote Plugin Architecture.

With multiple end customers having large VMware setups, the client needed a new application confirming VMware’s latest Remote Plugin architecture. 

Xoriant Solution | Key Contributions

Being a core technocrat and having a vast experience in the infrastructure domain, Xoriant was chosen as the preferred technology partner. The client was convinced of Xoriant’s deep experience in infrastructure and data protection. Xoriant helped the client design and implement a migration solution integrating with VMware vSphere Remote Plugin Architecture that could register with the vSphere Server and be accessible from within the vSphere portal.

The overall journey was never easy for a variety of reasons, including the first foray into data protection solution for Xoriant. Multiple concerns emerged as we progressed with the development. This included existing performance issues as we entered Load and Performance testing and so on. However, Xoriant, with its strong commitment to the end goal, facilitated a successful MVP release. The key contributions include: 

  • Developing the initial proof of concept for integration with VMware Remote Plugin Architecture
  • Transforming the proof of concept into a full-fledged application by integrating it with client’s core data protection solution on one hand and VMware vSphere APIs on the other for the required functionalities
  • Ensuring consequent upgrades of the other utility application for managing registration, un-registration of the Remote Plugin with the vSphere Server
  • Offering impact analysis, root cause identification and multiple solutions options elaboration for 2 existing performance issues in the Plugin application
  • Providing complete updates to the documentation

Business Benefits

  • Ensured the availability of the new Remote Plugin for the targeted GA release
  • Continued offering the VMware Plugin to existing customers
  • Provided Immediate compliance with VMware policy to discontinue Local Plugin Architecture
  • Delivered quality releases with early discovery of defects due to executions

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