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Client Background

An important aspect for B2C businesses in general is setting up a robust payment gateway. Many small businesses find this aspect easy, but when the time comes to upscale, they face a host of problems during the transition phase – such as with ACH/card processing, automated transaction settlements, e-check processing, escrow services, and so on.

Our client provides an all-in-one solution to such businesses to process payments, approve loans, provide instant funding, complete instant bank verification, and issue e-checks. All in all they are a fintech company centered around the movement of money, nationally and globally enabling B2C businesses of all sizes using technology.

The client had designed an application for users to manage their instance of the platform, however, it did not get the positive reception they wanted.

The user experience was not intuitive and features were hard to find. The application load time was long due to a suboptimal design. They lacked the balance between simplicity and detail required by different users.

Xoriant Solution | Key Contributions

The client needed a thorough design-led approach to create a consistent and world class experience of their application. Xoriant User Experience Centre of Excellence (UX COE) team began working on the project to deliver a human experience.

The key contributions include: 

  • Designing the Underwriting, client, admin, and customer portals to ensure a consistent, intuitive user experience
  • Developing the WordPress, client, admin, and customer portals
  • Integrating multiple APIs for thorough coverage and seamless processing of paperwork
  • Implementing CIS benchmarking and disaster recovery for Microsoft Azure infrastructure
  • Testing the portals to perform smoothly and consistently under the most demanding load

Business Benefits

  • Reduced operational expenses by 40%
  • Expanded test coverage by 50%
  • Improved the application performance
  • Ensured a more robust and usable product for customer

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