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Continuous Improvement Drives Digital Competitiveness


Transforming your enterprise architecture, data and business applications into a future-state IT infrastructure must be a cooperative, multi-disciplinary endeavor. Priorities will vary widely by organization, for example, transforming a data center-based environment to a hybrid cloud environment, or implementing a microservices-based architecture and AI/ML process automation may return the best ROI. Xoriant may also offer cutting-edge alternatives, such as fully automated digital migration using refactoring technology to convert code to modern platforms. Whatever the strategy, Xoriant has the talent, experience and accelerators to get you over the finish line.

Xoriant TRANSFORM Services: Talent, Experience backed by Frameworks & Accelerators

Legacy Assessment

Legacy Assessment

Legacy IT can be an albatross around the neck of your digital transformation initiatives. However, re-engineering IT stacks or rewriting software from scratch is time consuming, expensive and, most importantly, disruptive to your business operations. A rip-and-replace approach may seem like a “clean” solution but unlike its name, it’s not a one-and-done project. Incremental modernization allows for changes in direction, unexpected impacts, external drivers, and resource limitations without derailing one entire phase or project. 

Xoriant can work with whatever strategy and approaches you and/or your business consultant develop. But making an accurate assessment of the infrastructure’s operational efficiency, TCO and business value is imperative to successful implementation of your digital transformation initiatives and should include: 

Business Value – considers system functionality and performance, QoS, supported business processes, resilience, security dependability, and outputs.

System Quality Assessment – considers system components, including operating environment and application software:

  • Environment Assessment – evaluates hardware and software platforms in terms of performance, maintenance costs, interoperability, failure rate, supplier stability, etc. 
  • Application Software Assessment – evaluates data volumes, processing speeds, system change requests, user interfaces, etc.; may include the programming language, configuration management, and test data.

Legacy Application Assessment services may include analyzing the best path for digital transformation. To help you arrive at a decision, Xoriant will work through your answers to the following questions:

  • Repurpose: Can we leverage and extend the system capabilities and features by encapsulating the data and functions; making them available as services via an API.
  • Rehost: To enable higher availability, can we redeploy the components to other infrastructure (physical, virtual or cloud) without modifying the code, features or functions.
  • Re-platform: Can we help accelerate migration to a new runtime platform, making minimal changes to the code.
  • Refactor: Can we restructure and optimize the existing code to remove technical debt and improve nonfunctional attributes.
  • Rearchitect: Our support team has deep experience in migrating the code to a new application architecture to exploit new and better capabilities. This migration can be automated using refactoring technology.
  • Rebuild: Is it better to redesign or rewrite the component from the ground up while preserving its scope and specifications.
  • Replace: Should we replace the former application component altogether, considering new requirements and needs for business-as-usual and future needs.

Assessing for a Future-proof Infrastructure

As enterprises increasingly become data-driven entities, their ability to make transformation progress depends on designing an infrastructure that can support these capabilities:

  • Real-time streaming and system data consumption at scale.
  • Analyzing vast data sets and developing guided insights through deep learning.
  • Automating non-critical decisions for better customer experience.

Legacy Data Assessment -- Xoriant’s checklist may include, but not be limited to, the following enterprises data systems review:

  • Status of Data Governance Plan
  • Data retention requirements
  • Status of data classification schema
  • Data mapping to processes
  • Data backups
  • Security protocols
  • Access Management
Frameworks and Accelerators to Speed Time to Value

Frameworks and Accelerators to Speed Time to Value

At Xoriant, we have worked closely with enterprise IT and line of business teams for 30 years through different phases of the technology lifecycle. Using delivery and testing frameworks and rapid prototyping accelerators, we build speed and agility into everything we do.

These innovations are the “secret sauce” to Xoriant’s ability to apply, streamline, and reuse methods, processes, and services for rapid time to value. Developed over decades of learnings from complex engagements or invented in our Innovation Center, these tools and practices are designed to work seamlessly with existing IT components and are rigorously tested and secured before release. 

See all frameworks

Transformation Execution

Transformation Execution

Xoriant is a key technology partner for strategic consulting companies that define roadmaps and align business units to future goals. We work alongside these companies to enable roadmaps with technology-enabled processes, building the underlying foundation, plumbing, and infrastructure the transformation requires to succeed.

There are key functional areas to every digital transformation that require specialized knowledge, field experience, and a track record of leveraging innovative methods, frameworks, proven accelerators and tools. When you partner with Xoriant to execute your transformation roadmap, you’ll gain lasting knowledge and expertise. That is part and parcel of our Delivery Excellence. 

Examples of key transformation areas where we bring broad and deep expertise:

  • Hybrid IT infrastructure plays a key role in digital transformation. It offers the speed and affordable cost of the cloud with the security and control of your own environment.
  • Everything-as-a-Service, starting with strategic implementation of microservices, componentization for system agility, portability, change management, speed.
  • Hyper-automation using AI/ML, RPA and more, with APIs pulling functionality and data. 
  • Composable infrastructure ­is an IT framework that enables resources to be quickly "composed" or reconfigured based on business needs.*
  • Storage infrastructure modernization to manage the coming explosion of IoT data faster, more efficient all-flash storage. 

Xoriant Value Proposition

As a partner in the transformation execution, we work with business and IT leaders to deliver:

  • Better customer experiences: 
    • Through elegant and contextual user experience design for interfaces
    • Standardizing engagement interactions across multiple channels
    • Leveraging AI/ML and RPA to provide real-time interactions and support e.g., chatbots
    • Voice, facial, and intent-based signals for guided experiences
  • Business process efficiency:
    • As customer engagements scale, we build software-driven business processes that are underpinned by deep learning and automation.
    • Adapting the technology to the right business process, even while the business process changes according to market demands.
    • With analytics embedded in all aspects of customer engagement, enterprise users can rely on “guided” decision making and workflow automation using a combination of legacy data from complex historical data structure and new applications and data.
    • With workflow automation, we are able to reduce repetitive tasks in non-critical areas and enable human-to-machine conversation across devices—mobile, IoT and systems.
  • Revenue Enhancement:
    • Revenue insights can be delivered in any format, destination, and context, for each business unit
    • With agility and transformative process adoptions, we help customers reduce legacy operations costs and increase their ability to support new markets and products
    • Enterprise business leaders can rapidly create “what if” scenarios driven by verified data to embark on new initiatives, upsell and cross sell products or services, and onboard customers faster
    • Building rapid iterative workflows and create custom environments, as these are critical to the transformation success. We understand that all experiments may not work the first time, and our iterative methodology helps in ensuring these initiatives are successful
    • With automation, we can contain any potential revenue leaks in the systems, and our data-driven accelerators reduce compliance risks at every stage

A Banking Transformation Example: Incremental Improvements, Not Rip and Replace.




Custom Application Development

Custom Application Development
Custom Application Development

Packaged Applications

Packaged Applications
Packaged Applications

Application Modernization

Application Modernization
Application Modernization

Application Lifecycle Management

Application Lifecycle Management
Application Lifecycle Management

Data Management and Analytics

Data Management and Analytics
Data Management and Analytics



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