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How DevOps Drives Competitive Advantage

DevOps Intro

Are you looking to reduce time to market, adopt new tools and technologies, and gain a sustainable competitive edge? DevOps Agile practices and tools make your projects run faster and smoother with fewer IT resources. By automating key steps and continuously testing, refining and improving each iteration, you can release higher-quality, digital-ready applications optimized for multi-cloud, hybrid IT and edge computing environments. Deploying proven DevOps techniques, processes, and tools help you navigate the cloud so you can continue to innovate – and drive competitive advantage.

Xoriant’s DevOps Services

Xoriant’s DevOps Center of Excellence will assist – from CI/CD, code management, and scripting to cloud enablement and infrastructure automation - so you can achieve a powerful technology advantage.

Architecture and Planning

Architecture and Planning

A well-oiled DevOps machine maximizes operational efficiency and reduces costs and complexity, while delighting customers with the latest technology innovations. However, organizations and teams have cultural, technical and HR factors that must be considered during planning. To facilitate your digital transformation and business goals, we conduct a rigorous DevOps assessment, then recommend a strategy for creating

  • A DevOps architecture that leverages cloud, automation, containerization, etc.
  • An implementation and resource allocation plan with cost and release KPIs
  • A training plan to enable upskilling (if needed) and rapid rollout



DevOps Deployment

Depending on your internal IT resources and support, the path to DevOps may require specialized skills and experience. Xoriant engineers will help you integrate, construct, and test your DevOps stack. Once implemented, our support services can provide ongoing management and optimization of your DevOps environment, including, but not limited to:

  • Collaborative source code management
  • Task automation with scripting languages
  • Advanced configuration tools
  • Application containerization
  • Infrastructure as code
CD Automation

CI/CD Automation

DevOps minimizes development costs and delays by employing best practices like CI/CD and interdisciplinary collaboration. Xoriant will employ proven continuous delivery practices to improve release management, automate deployments, and integrate your infrastructure with CI/CD tools. Downstream functions can ramp up sooner, accelerating release timelines and customer time to value.

Real-time review and input helps you achieve scalability and reliability KPIs and reduce:

  • Lead time for change
  • Change failure rate
  • Defect escape rate
Continuous Monitoring & Support

Continuous Monitoring & Support

The DevOps methodology facilitates and automates quality monitoring, testing, and provisioning of virtualized test environments for a better, more secure product. To enable observability and rapid changes, we develop custom dashboards, tools, adaptors, and accelerators and can provide Xoriant’s deep insights monitoring and visualization solution. Continuous Monitoring (CM) helps DevOps and QA teams:

  • Capture and respond to key metrics
  • Detect compliance and security threats
  • Analyze logs with advanced search and visualization
  • Alert teams of in-production issues 
  • Facilitate DevSecOps automation

Learn About Xoriant Frameworks for Enterprise IT

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Case Study

Provided ease of use with server and service metrics dashboards for alerting any request.

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In the software development lifecycle, software quality assurance or testing has always been irreplaceable.

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Unquestionably, automated testing can help in eliminating human error, improving quality and timeliness of delivery, as well as pave the way for long-term scalability.

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