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Modern Applications Deliver Maximum Business Efficiency

Application Modernization Intro

Legacy systems frequently outlive their utility, impeding operational agility and usurping internal IT resources. However, there are many alternatives to rewriting software from scratch or a lift and shift migration. Approaches vary depending on the status of your legacy systems and the level of tolerance for disruption. However, to build a resilient, digital-first IT environment, modernization will leverage technologies like multi-cloud, microservices, automation, multichannel UI/UX, and more, beginning with:

  • Assessment, planning, and resource allocation 
  • Business analysis, gap analysis, functional specifications
  • Technical/functional automation strategy

Xoriant’s Suite of 9 Application Modernization Services

Xoriant brings in-depth experience and technical expertise to support modernization efforts and remove obstacles to digital transformation. Projects are managed end-to-end and start with planning and identifying the right technology and tools for functionality, agility, ecosystem fit and, most importantly, business efficiency.


Learn About Xoriant Frameworks for Enterprise IT

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