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Data Is the Lifeblood of Successful Organizations

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Data is pouring into enterprises in a virtual collage of formats, varieties, volumes and velocities. A proper data ecosystem that quickly and efficiently collates the right data from modern, as well as historical systems and data stores, both within and outside the organization, is essential for a data-driven organization to derive critical insights.

Xoriant defines the modern data ecosystem as a collection of data assets comprising Data Infrastructure, Data Analytics and Data Visualization. Together, they should render the right insights in the right visual format for stakeholders to achieve their primary business goal: creating a data environment capable of driving accurate decision making, strategic planning, product/service innovations, and research and planning for new market entries. 

Key Service Areas

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Actions Data Assets

To apply the latest insights to your corporate action projects, Xoriant analysts can access our massive database of legal entity and hierarchy/corporate Actions Data. With 14+ million entities spanning 250+ countries, and up to 95+ attributes per legal entity record, you can have confidence in your Actions Data results ­and our expertise.

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Management Services

Xoriant helps you keep up with ever-changing regulatory requirements to avoid non-compliance risks, hefty fines, and damage to your brand. By combining your data platform with our management services, we provide customers with a unified data source and 360° view to improve operatorial efficiency; and meet all regulatory compliance, risk management, and client onboarding needs.

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Xoriant data experts bring the right strategy to assess your current state and design a comprehensive governance program based on the DCAM framework. Once in place, you can quickly and efficiently implement data quality capabilities to identify gaps and design programs; develop robust issue management and reporting processes; and confidently launch a data remediation project plan that provides estimates of time, costs, and probable results.

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For both buy- and sell-side firms that require a ready-to-use data aggregation and remediation solution, we recommend Xoriant CDi's Data Management Platform for enabling greater flexibility, agility, and efficiency within your data aggregation and remediation processes.

Explore Xoriant Big Data And Analytics Offerings

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Migration and Consolidation

Our data migration and consolidation methodologies help you efficiently move and restructure data and systems without impacting business productivity. Our wide range of expertise will help you upgrade legacy platforms, migrate to new platforms, and move to the cloud while mitigating risk and disruption to your enterprise operations. With years of experience and proven migration expertise, we’ve established a consistent track record of success. 

Connect With Us to Learn More

Connect With Us to Learn More

Atul Dambalkar
Atul Dambalkar
Vice President

“How well your data ecosystem performs depends on whether the components are configured to support your business needs and goals. At Xoriant, we start by evaluating that ecosystem, then developing a strategy to optimize it--whether it’s a long, complicated undertaking or simply a matter of bringing in our experts to recommend the next steps.”

Data Management Insights

Protecting Data With AI

Protecting Data With AI

Gartner predicts that through 2022, data management tasks will be reduced by 45%. If augmentation in BI and analytics is any indication, this could lead to the development of a major new enterprise software category in data management.

With the use of AI, an IT team can protect a database with ease.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

On the heels of GDPR and the newly-enacted California Consumer Privacy Act, data governance will be an increasingly regulated (and important) aspect of data management. These compliance mandates are just the beginning, as an increasing number of nations and US states consider their data privacy frameworks.

GDPR and CCPA will disrupt traditional marketing and data handling methods.

Multi-Cloud Data Management

Multi-Cloud Data Management

Hybrid and multi-cloud data management will soon become the new norm, with master data management proving to be the most adaptable to the cloud right now. This investment in cloud data management technologies will extend to SaaS offerings as well, namely data and DaaS products.


Data-as-a-Service will generate revenue for large organizations.

Graphic Databases

Graphic Databases

Graph databases are a type of NoSQL database, created to address relational database limitations. They prioritize the relationships between data, so querying is fast because they are perpetually stored in the database. These relationships can then be visualized, making them user-friendly for heavily inter-connected data.

Get a view of simple, complex relationships between unrelated data.

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